BMW 750
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 750
BMW 750

The BMW 750 is certainly not short on praise. It is the most popular vehicle in the German auto maker's famous and prestigious 7-series models. The 750 has earned the title of "the best-driving luxury sedan in the world," which is certainly not something to sneeze at. They have earned the mark on account of their V8 engines, roomy interiors and attention to detail. The 750 is a remarkable combination of the best sporty and luxurious features on the market. Thankfully, the 750 has been so well accepted, given that it is the company's flagship car, which is only available as a sedan. This little piece of luxury certainly won't come cheap though. It will easily run you well over $70,000 for a new vehicle. This hefty price tag easily knocks the car out of the entry-level luxury sedan category. It is pretty funny to consider that many drivers choose to work their way up through the BMW line as their lives, and their paychecks move along. Most drivers will start out in the 3- or 5-series range before moving on to a more luxurious car. It is then obvious to understand why BMW takes such care in designing and manufacturing even these lower end models. They are more or less, grooming their future customers. In the North America market, the 750 is available in two trims options – the standard 750i and the 750Li. The 750 Li comes with a wheelbase that is more than five inches longer than that of the 750i. This is certainly a smart buy if you have the funds available to invest. BMW continues to stand behind its brand name, which allows these cars to retain their value at a much higher rate than the industry average. Not to mention, drivers will get an enormous amount of pleasure out of simply driving the car, which is nothing short of a spectacular experience.

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