BMW 745
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 745
BMW 745

The 745 marks a new era for BMW. Specifically, the style of the vehicle is unique to any model that has been launched in the past. Chief designer Chris Bangle seems to have brought to the table a fresh perspective on the automakers cars and subsequently has enticed customers to reconsider purchasing a BMW. Of course, such a change was sure to cause an uproar by individuals who have come to love and expect the older BMW designs. The 745 was viewed as perhaps being too bold, and fans of the older E38 did not exactly take to the new style. Nevertheless, the E65/E66 seems to be slowing winning the hearts of critics, and has even been recognized as the gatekeeper for styling cues of future BMW models yet to come. The biggest complaints to surface were surrounding the "Bangle-butt" rear styling, which incidentally has been toned down in a 2005 restyling. The most impressive and useful innovation that came about thanks to the 7 series is also turning out to be extremely controversial. The technological community welcomed the introduction of the iDrive system, however, it seems that consumers are having a hard time getting the hang of using the system. Perhaps there was more of a problem with the writing of the instruction manual, or certainly, many of the buyers never even bothered to open the booklet. Nevertheless, the iDrive system is able to manage a lot of functions, such as on-board telematics, including GPS navigation, Internet access and the new emergency assistance service known as BMW Assist. Also included in the system are standards such as climate and stereo functions. It seems that BMW decided it was easier to change the system than try to teach others how to use it, so in the 2005 facelift, the iDrive system was heavily simplified.

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