BMW 740
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 740
BMW 740

The year 1986 marks the launch of the second generation of the BMW 7 series, known internally only as the E32. This vehicle was aimed only at the high end of the luxury market, given that the car offered some of the latest advancements in automotive technology. The car was well equipped with a new, top-of-the-line V12 engine. For drivers looking to feel as if they were riding with the utmost style, they could select luxury featured such as integrated telephone and fax machines, a wine cooler, double glazing, heated door locks. Even the windshield wipers on this car were impressive ‘ not that it was even previously possible to make improvements on such a minute piece of the car. The improvements included updated windscreen washer nozzles, electronic stability control, and a system that automatically increased spring pressure on the windshield wipers, to keep them firmly pressed on the glass even while being driven as record speeds.

Car Moving Quotes For BMW 740

On a sour note for some drivers who relished in testing the maximum speed of their BMWs, this was the first car released that adhered to BMW’s self-imposed speed limit of 250 km/h. If you were looking for a little bit extra room, this car was also available in a stretched version, which can be identified by an ‘L’ after the model number. This gave an extra 11 centimeters of leg room to the rear passengers. BMW has always taken great care to ensure that not only the front seat passenger, but the back seat passengers as well, have as much comfort possible given the allowed space of the vehicle. Being that this model was being marketed to high end luxury clients, it is not surprising that it was crafted with such care. Critics have been quick to commend BMW on the attention to detail and level or expertise that was applied to this vehicle. Car moving quotes for the BMW 740 are available here using our original shipping quote calculator. Also learn more about the BMW 740 by going here.

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