BMW 735
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 735
BMW 735

BMW has been very careful in its handling of their 7 series flagship vehicles. The 735 has been delicately designed and engineered to offer a supreme driving experience for both the new BMW driver or for the seasoned BMW customer. In 1983, a minor styling update changed the front and back ends of the car, specifically, the front grill, valance/spoiler and bumpers. The dashboard and instrument panels also received some minor updates. In the UK, drivers were also privy to and upgrade on the 735i, which received the Motronic 3430cc engine, which replaced the 3453cc. The rear suspension also underwent modifications among a few other changes that are not even noteworthy. The United States welcomed the arrival of the optional 4 speed automatic transmission in 1984, which acted as a replacement to the 3 speed unit previously offered. The level on luxury being offered on the interior of the vehicle was also upgraded and certainly knocked the car into a higher level of offering. Specifically, wood trim was added above the glove compartment and on the ashtray ' that was previously plastic in all United States. Drivers also rode in luxury with the newly added electrically adjustable power seats and larger Michelin TRX radials with special TRX wheels. These features were later offered as standard on all 1985-1987 735i/L7 models, but only on the 5 speed manual models. The updates made to the vehicle were a reassurance to the automotive world that BMW intended to be viewed as a luxury vehicle and would continue to offer style and grace in the future. Consumers were beginning to expect more from their cars, beyond reliability, and it seems that appearance and prestige were taking a larger role in buying decisions. The last thing BMW wanted was to be associated with was frumpy or expected ' rather, they were making their place as a manufacturing of not just cars, but of style.

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