BMW 733
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 733
BMW 733

The German automaker released the BMW 7 Series as a full-size luxury vehicle, of which it replaces the "New Six" models of 1977. The 733 is honored as being BMW's flagship car, and consequently, is only available as a sedan. The BMW 7 series is built upon the BMW E23 platform. The E23, produced for a decade from 1977 until 1987, replaces the BMW E3 large sedan. It was then later replaced by the BMW E32 7 Series in 1986. The 12-valve type-M30 six-cylinder engine, previously used in the older E3 and E9 cars can be found in all E23 7 Series models ' although it is not in the 745i. The 7 series cars were a welcomed edition in that they were very upscale and sophisticated for the time period. This was the first time the drivers could experience a system that kept them acutely aware as to what was occurring with the vehicle. They were the first BMWs to include service interval indicators, complex climate control systems and a 'check control' that alerted the driver to various system faults. Not to mention, on-board computers and anti-lock braking system (ABS) were optional on early models. These were eventually made standard in later models. Those looking for something a little more luxurious could upgrade and choose options such as leather upholstery, several types of wood trim, power seats, seat heaters, and power windows and mirrors. To satisfy the safety conscious, later models were even fitted with a driver's air bag. Furthermore, BMW sold only upscale versions in the United States, whereas, more standards were on the market elsewhere. Lastly, the 733s for sale in the United States were fitted with larger bumpers and various forms of emissions equipment that were not found on European-market cars. Consequently, some of these changes made the American car perform slightly below that of the European versions.

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