BMW 645
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 645
BMW 645

The BMW 6 series are luxury coupes released to the market in 2004 by the German car manufacturer, BMW. They are available in either a coupe or convertible version. Additionally, drivers may select from a number of engine choices, ranging from a 3 liter straight-6 to 5 liter V10 in the M6 model. Originally, the 6 series came to market long before 2004, but was replaced in 1989 by the 8 Series. The V8 found in the 645Ci is the N62 engine, the same equipment that was used in the 545i and 745i, which also includes BMW's Valvetronic variable valve timing system. This all aluminum engine with 4 valves per cylinder is sure to provide enough power for the everyday driver and even for those who are looking to push the envelope and test its speed. The 6-Series comes with either a 6 speed automatic transmission or a 6 speed SMG sequential gear box, which also makes a nice addition to this already fantastic model. In the 2006 model year, BMW remodeled the 645Ci as the 650i in an attempt to make improvements to the engine, while a manual transmission is also available. The 5 Series and the 7 Series models were not exactly well received by the BMW community, however, the panache of the new 6 Series has generally earned it a hearty welcoming from the BMW community. There are the owners, though, of the E24 who are still not very fond of the new model. It seems that the new 6 Series was designed to look like a shark, and it really is not the difficult to recognize the resemblance. Additionally, the controversial "Bangle-butt" rear styling is thought to work better on other models and is really not an appropriate addition to this vehicle. However, the car still drives like a champ despite its exterior design flaws.

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