BMW 635
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 635
BMW 635

In 1985 the 635CSi was launched and this model featured a slightly larger motor, horsepower increased 5HP and torque improved to 214 ft-lbs over the previous models in the series and on the market. Incremental enhancements continued which raised the compression and horsepower and that also introduced a self-leveling rear suspension. Not to mention, the interior was also thankfully updated. Sadly though, this model was discontinued in 1989, and very soon after, replaced by the 8 Series. The 1988 E24s were equipped with ellipsoid headlights and all models came standard with integrated bumpers. This was new to the line, as bumpers previously, prior to 1988, had either a European standard, or a US standard, which was larger and reinforced making it capable of sustaining impact at 5mph without damage. Even so, in April 1989 production on the model was ceased. The replacement, the BMW 8 series was considerably heavier and more complex. Drivers take notice though; all 635 models were not born equal. The engine used was upgraded to the version from the seven series in June 1982. This in turn used less fuel due to better computer control systems, and it accomplished this without loosing power ability, which thus made it far more desirable. Additionally, drivers could select to include ABS as an option on these early cars ' it was not at the time standard equipment. LSD was also an option on later models. Lastly, the automatic cars are roughly 20kg heavier than their manual companions. Interestingly also, the United States' power figures for this car were quite a bit lower than European figures and the cars were even heavier, coming in at around 85kg heavier. The reason for the discrepancy did not appear to be an area of concern for buyers or automotive journalists, and reviewers. It appears that consumers were logically much more concerned with how the car actually drove.

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