BMW 550
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 550
BMW 550

The most current of the BMW 5 series is the BMW 550. This car has really pushed BMW into the future with its advanced design and technological enhancements. Oddly though, it was received with very mixed reviews. Perhaps the huge leap in technological advances over previous models was a bit premature, and a more gradual integration would have been more acceptable to reviews and drivers. However, the tune changes as people saw the remarkable capabilities of this vehicle and it is now regarded as one of BMWs finest and most innovative models. The 550i was introduced as a replacement to the 545i in the fall of 2005 with 369bhp. Nevertheless, BMW was added to the popular 5 series with another magnificent car that will hopefully keep the manufacturer ahead of the competition for years to come. BMW commands an impressive following of enthusiasts who insist on driving nothing but BMWs from now until forever. BMW must not loose though their dedication to providing drivers with what they are requesting. The automobile industry is relatively volatile at the time and one wrong more could easily send a manufacturer scrambling to redeem itself. Luckily, BMW does have a loyal customer base that hopefully would not abandon the German company very quickly. Furthermore, BMW has made very few mistakes over the years in terms of understanding the needs of their customers and it is unlikely that they will have any troubles in the future. The only problems that BMW may face in the upcoming years involve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles, which hopefully they are working on at this very moment. It is well known that other brands are vigorously working to stay innovative with regards to environmental concerns and it would be a shame to see BMW fall behind on account of that.

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