BMW 533
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 533
BMW 533

American drivers were very lucky to see the addition of the 533i to the line of automobiles being offered by the German automaker, BMW. In fact, the 533i was only available in the North American markets. It seems that the 533i was in response to customer complaints that the 528e had lower performance figures than the 1981 528i that it replaced. The 533i was initially available in 1983 and continued to be so until 1984. Even so, it was only offered in limited quantities, supposedly to those customers who had made their voice heard. The 533i came equipped with a 181hp 3.2L M30 6-cylinder engine as fitted to the larger 633csi and 733i. As it turns out, the 533i was the fastest sedan sold in the USA in 1983. Interestingly though it was still only available for one short year. Perhaps, to achieve that level of performance the car was no longer viable to make at the price point set, nevertheless, that is just speculation. The big six motor which can be found in the 533i model, as well as in the 535i, is known as the "M30". The M30 is also a 12-valve SOHC inline six-cylinder design. It has seven main bearings, four camshaft bearings and a rocker arm type valve train. Models sold in the United States also came equipped with cast aluminum acoustically tuned common plenum intake manifolds and single throttle bodies. It is no wonder then as to why the car was so powerful and a delight to drive. It really is too bad it was not around longer, for it may have become the best selling car in the BMW line. The type of performance would not have been overlooked for long. This was however, just one in the line of ever popular 5 Series model, which have gone though five generations to date.

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