BMW 530
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 530
BMW 530

If you are looking for speed, the BMW 530 will do the trick. This vehicle does not top out until 150 miles per hour, which is far faster than any roads in the United States can handle. Don't try to push that speed on your way to work in rush hour. This impressive top speed has made the BMW 530 one of the most popular cars in BMW's 5-series. As one would expect, it is a step up from the 528, as it offers drivers a bigger and better performing engine, more precise handling, more luxurious interior touches and naturally with that comes a higher price tag. This model was previously only available as a sedan; however, BMW has added a wagon trim in most recent years. For drivers looking for an all wheel version, perhaps for winter driving, the 530xi is the model for them. The 530i is the standard sedan while the wagon is given the "T" at the end of its name to designate the body style. Wagons have generally been given a bad reputation as being unattractive and fairly boring to drive. One test out in the 530xi will make you reevaluate that judgment. BMW has brought the wagon back in style and it isn't just your typical family car anymore. Outdoor enthusiasts are taking a second look at the 530 as a potential vehicle to tote around items such as climbing gear and picnic baskets. The various models in the 5 series can be differentiated from each other by their unique chassis numbers (EXX). This marks the first time that BMW began its tradition of named its models with a three-digit number. This in fact is a very logical naming scheme. The first digit (5 in this case) represents the model, and the following two digits (typically) represent the size of the engine. The additional letters or words added to the end of the three-digit number are used to define the fuel type (petrol or diesel), engine or transmission details, and the body style.

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