BMW 325
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: BMW
Model: 325
BMW 325

BMW has captured the market with their ever-popular 3 series. The 325 is just another addition to that popular line of cars, and for it to be anything but exceptional would be a surprise. The BMW 325 has been labeled the prototypical sports sedan. It made its way onto the market in 1984 as a four door, featuring a 215 horsepower engine and six speed manual transmission found in its later models. The BMW 325 is intended to seat four comfortably, however if you are looking for room to stretch out and relax, you are advised to shop some other models. For reasons only know in the marketplace, this car has earned itself a place in a culture with a modest cult following. Diehard aficionados are sure to argue that it has earned this honor and would surely take one for a ride in their coveted automobile. It appears that drivers are particularly fond of the rear-wheel drive, as that has been a major subject of conversation among enthusiasts. To simplify the 325 into one word, it is most appropriate to simply label it 'fun'. The 325 was born out of the 3 series automobiles, which were launched in May 1975. These were entry-level luxury executive cars that became the successor to the 2002 coupe, which looked primarily much the same however it added a more powerful 2.0 L 110 hp (82 kW) engine and other performance enhancements. The 3 Series rose to fame and claims the title of BMW's best selling automobile. Financial officials can be thankful given that the series accounts for nearly 40% of all automobiles sold by the company in the year 2005. Furthermore, Americans seem to love the series, given that it is the best selling luxury sedan in the United States, with sales exceeding 98,000 units in 2005. For many years the 3 Series was smallest car manufactured by BMW until the release of the BMW 1 Series in 2004. (This of course does not include the MINI, which is owned by BMW as well.)

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