Bentley Azure
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Bentley
Model: Azure
Bentley Azure

Although car enthusiasts may not really care, or may not be aware, this vehicle earned a top spot in American popular culture. It was featured in Limp Bizkit's 2000 music video Rollin', in Sisqo's music video Thong Song and it was also featured in Olivia's "Bizounce". Not to mention, Jay-Z also posed alongside one on the cover of his Vol.2 Hard Knock Life CD. Oddly enough, the Bentley Azure certainly is worthy of such star treatment; nevertheless, it was unexpected as to how it made its rise to fame. The Bentley Azure is a large, four-seat convertible luxury car based on the Bentley Continental R and later T models. It has nearly the exact same styling and engines, with the exceptions that the T has slightly more power, 420 hp (313 kW), and slightly more torque 650 ft·lbf (881 N·m). Perhaps to the dismay of the music industry, production was halted in 2003. The design of the Azure top can be credited to Pininfarina. It seems the design was effect, given that the Azure drew a price of $347,645, which was $36,355 more than the Continental R. Over its lifetime, there were two versions: the Bentley Azure produced from 1995 to 2002 and the Bentley Azure Mulliner produced from 1999 to 2003. The Mulliner version originated in Bentley's in-house customizing department with a few visual differences. The Azure was made to combine glamour and performance with the long-legged, continent-crossing capabilities of a modern sporting Bentley. It appears that the company was dead on in terms of what they had intended to manufacture and what was received by the consumers, and in this case, more importantly, by the rich and the famous. It is hard to tell what would have come of this model had it not been highlighted as a pop culture icon of its own. Perhaps, the success would have still followed, merely in another market segment.

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