Audi RS4
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Audi
Model: RS4
Audi RS4

Introduced in 2000, the Audi RS4 is the highest performance version of the company's A4. The RS4 was established as the successor to the fabled Porsche developed/RS2. This model was available only as an Estate/Avant (station wagon), and was built on an existing platform, in this case the "B5" generation A4/S4. Sales of the Audi RS4 were never offered in the United States and rather were only available in most of Europe and in some Latin American countries, including Mexico and Brazil. Audi enthusiasts in the United States nevertheless have found ways to enhance their S4's with RS4 parts rather easily. As it turns out, the turbochargers, injectors, ECU, MAF and clutch can all easily be bolted onto the North American S4 frame without needing to complete any custom fabrication. Oddly enough, this hodge-podge version has been able to accomplish quarter-mile times in the low 12-second range due to the S4's lighter frame. These times are quite comparable to those of the Porsche 911 Turbo. The second generation RS4 made its way to market after a long hiatus at which point it was now built on Audi's "B7" A4 platform. (This was available to European customers in the Summer of 2006.) Thankfully for the American consumers, this model was introduced to North America in August 2006 with a base price of $66,000. The RS4 intends to compete with BMW's upcoming V8 powered M3 – a four door vehicle, Mercedes-Benz's AMG variant of the C-Class which is currently the C 55 AMG and the upcoming C63, Cadillac's CTS-V, and the upcoming Lexus IS-F. Only time will tell who in this tough bunch will come out on top in production. The competition is steep and consumers are anything but predictable where the automotive industry is concerned. Hopefully, for Audi, they will be able to play off the previous desire by Americans to obtain the original RS4.

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