Audi A4
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Audi
Model: A4
Audi A4

Audi has done it once again with their ability to produce top-notch automobiles that appease both the eye and the performance that consumers are looking for. The German automaker Audi began producing the A4, a compact executive car, since 1994. The A4 is the replacement vehicle to the Audi 80 and Audi 90. It is noteworthy that the Audi A4 was the first model in the Volkswagen Group to feature the new 1.8 L 20V motor with five valves per cylinder, which was based on the unit Audi Sport had developed for their Super touring racecar. A turbocharged version produced a whopping 150 PS (110 kW) and 210 Nm (155 lb.ft.) of torque. This unique technology was added to the V6 family in 1996, starting with the 2.8 L V6 30V, which now pumped 193 PS (142 kW). Technology fans will be pleased to know that Audi also debuted their new Tiptronic transmission on the B5 platform, based on the unit Porsche developed for their 964-generation 911. Additionally, those who like to really feel they are driving the car as opposed to the car driving them will love to know that the transmission is a "manumatic", meaning it offers the driver a choice of driving the car as either an automatic or a clutch less manual. This is perfect for households that have multiple drivers with different driving preferences. An all-new A4, internally known as the Type 8E, made its debut in late 2000, and can now be found riding on the B6 platform. The redone styling was inspired on the fifth-generation Audi A6 and is an impressive improvement in aesthetics. A redesigned A4 was launched in late 2004, and can be found riding on the B7 platform. Nonetheless, the B7 is actually a revision of the outgoing B6, and not a ground-up redesign.

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