Audi 200
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Audi
Model: 200
Audi 200

Audi continues to push the envelope in terms of attractiveness of their vehicles and in terms of performance. In 1980, Audi launched the Audi 200, a more luxurious version, which included a turbocharged model of 170 bhp. It was available in 200 5E or 200 5T for the UK market only. Drivers could indulge in a number of driving conveniences in this new model. The 5T or turbocharged model and the 5E model featured heated seats for those chilly nights, an electric sunroof for the beach goers, opening front quarter windows to feel the wind in your hair, cruise control for seamless driving, ski bag, green heat insulated glass and electric heated mirrors to ensure driving visibility was always top notch.The Audi 200 was available standard in three speed automatic and the only options listed in the brochure were a 5 speed manual transmission at no extra cost, air conditioning and leather seating.

Car Transport Estimates For The Audi 200

Drivers in the United States may recognize this vehicle as the 5000 Turbo. The C3 platform model succeeded the aforementioned Audi 200 in 1983. The 200 however continued in production as the up market variant with several versions of the 2.2l turbo 5 cylinder available in various markets over its life. It ranged in power outputs from 121kW (165 Bhp) MC engine, through the 136kW (180 Bhp) and 147kW (200 Bhp) versions. The final 162kW (220 Bhp) 20-valve 3B engine was available in 1990.1983 Audi 200 Car Transport

Audi 200 Fun To Drive And Great for Car Transport

The 200 20V was distinguishable by its flared front and rounded rear wheel arches as opposed to the flat type used for the rest of the 100-200 ranges. The MC turbo engine was thankfully available in the 100 as well for some markets. Nevertheless, the 200 is fun to drive and commands a second glance from passer by-errs. Audi once again upheld their standard of quality with this particular model. You can obtain more information going here and a car transport estimate on our one of a kind quote calculator for your Audi 200.

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