AMC Wrangler
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: AMC
Model: Wrangler
AMC Wrangler

Across high schools all over America, kids are begging their parents to buy them the ever-popular AMC Wrangler. This mini Sports Utility Vehicle produced by American automaker AMC is the successor to the infamous World War II 1950s ‘Jeep’. The trend setting Jeep was first produced by Willys and later produced by Kaiser-Jeep and AMC. The debut of the Wrangler in 1987 was a major moment for the adventurous type who were looking for a stylish and fun to drive off-roading vehicle with a soft top. The model was updated in 1997 and again in 2007, and is still popular today something that many automakers cannot claim for their older models. From 1987 till 1992 the Wrangler was built in Brampton Ontario, Canada; although, today the Wrangler is produced at Jeep’s Toledo South Assembly plant in Toledo, Ohio on account of the Canada’s plant closure. In fact the Wrangler name was not even used in Canada, as it was a trim level of Chevrolet pickup in that particular market. Rather, from 1987 to 1995, the models were sold as YJ, and from 1997 to 2006, the models were sold as TJ.

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For those looking to fit into the Wrangler community it may be interesting to know that the model designations of YJ and TJ are used throughout the world in the Jeep enthusiast community to differentiate which model is being spoken of rather than using the more ambiguous term “Wrangler”. The Wrangler replaced the much loved but slower-selling Jeep CJ in 1987. The new design included a wider wheelbase, slightly less ground clearance, and more comfort. The Wrangler also had a leaf spring suspension much like that of the CJ, however, the springs were wider, and the YJs sported track bars and sway bars for added handling. The Wranglers are easily identifiable by their rectangular headlights, which ironically were a source of controversy when they were introduced. Despite the new grill, the body is much like that of the CJ’s, and it is interchangeable with some minor modifications. In fact, many CJ owners with a rusted body replace them with a newer Wrangler body, as they are almost cosmetically identical and the lines from the nose match up perfectly. In total 632,231 Wranglers were built through model year 1995 and the ever-popular production continues today.¬†Go here for more specs on the Wrangler. You can also receive ¬†instant vehicle transport quote for the¬†AMC Wrangler.

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