AMC Marlin
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: AMC
Model: Marlin
AMC Marlin

The sixties produced the first mid-sized fastback car made in the United States – the AMC Marlin. The Marlin was built, all be it for only a short time, by American Motors from 1965 through 1967. The Marlin was available as a base model with many standard features and was marketed to reach those looking for a personal luxury car. The mid-sized two-door hardtop Rambler Classic was the inspiration for the 1965 and 1966 fastback version Marlin. The fastback roof design was previewed first on the 1964 Rambler Tarpon show car; meanwhile, the Marlin was available one year ahead of the similar Dodge Charger. Complaints however surfaced about the relatively short hood line on the Marlin, which was slightly problematic for AMC who was trying to upgrade their image from a car maker of low tech, sluggish economy cars with dull unimaginative styling to a more appealing brand identity. The Marlin concept is drawn from a variety of inspirations AMC was experiencing, specifically that of the AMC's Kelvinator appliance division, which was enjoying good success in the European market. AMC had stationed itself with the racing community as a safety vehicle and not one to take to the tracks. They were able to accomplish this by highlighting the fall of Nash Healey and racetrack fireball crashes. AMC was able though to outsell Chrysler during a mild economic depression between 1958 and 1960 as a result of this marketing campaign. But, this success was short lived and the AMC line of cars seemed a haunting reminder of bad economic times. The sixties resumed with economic vigor, yet AMC was not experiencing this in terms of their sales volume. The Marlin was given the task of attracting a new and more youthful client base for the suffering automobile company that was seeking a sportier image.

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