AMC Encore
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: AMC
Model: Encore
AMC Encore

The AMC Encore was a compact automobile produced by the French car manufacturer Renault between 1982 and 1988. The Encore was a sporty little three or five door hatchback that made its launch in late 1983. This appealed to folks looking for something small and compact, hoping to find a positive and fun driving experience from the tiny car. The Encore was very similar to another model known as the 9, and in fact it was only disguisable from the exterior by name and silhouette. It is worth noting however that the Encore possessed square twin headlights. Both cars, nevertheless, were extremely unremarkable in that they used Renault's ancient C-type overhead valve engines in 1.1 L or 1.4 L format, and had a mere basic suspension design. This simplicity in design created a somewhat ordinary driving experience. It turns out that drivers who were looking for that small and compact racecar like handling were left wondering if they were in their grandparent's station wagon. The only feature worth noting was the Turbo, which was available on both the 9 and the Encore. The turbo was adapted from the Renault 5, which although it was heavier, it allowed enough power from the engine to ensure a high performance. This resulted from the 115 hp DIN (85 kW). However, the power was not enough the please the hopeful and adventurous driver. In later years up-market TXE and GTX versions were released that contained a newer F-type engine, which had been developed in collaboration with Volvo. Drivers could be slightly more satisfied and fulfilled driving the newer models thanks to the performance and engineering that Volvo brought to the table. Sadly though, all good things must come to an end, and in 1988 production was terminated – the Encore was replaced by the Renault 19.

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