AMC Eagle
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: AMC
Model: Eagle
AMC Eagle

Drivers were introduced to the AMC Eagle, an all-wheel drive passenger car produced by American Motors Corporation (AMC), in 1980 (of which, production continued until the middle of the 1988 model year). The Eagle coupe, sedan, and wagon were loosely based off the AMC Concord. The Eagle was accepted as groundbreaking at its debut, which resulted from the addition of Jeep’s chief engineer, Roy Lunn, joining a Jeep-like 4-wheel-drive driveline with the AMC Concord body. This was merely the next expected step for AMC, who was trying to tackle the debacle surrounding the energy crisis of the late 70s. According to AMC CEO (at that time) Gerald C. Meyers, sales of AMC’s highly coveted Jeep line, which was notorious for being anything but fuel-efficient, had plummeted, leaving AMC in a troubled financial situation. Consequently, the Eagle provided a low-cost way alternative and bridged the gap between AMC’s solid and economical, yet aging passenger cars, and its well-loved, but decidedly more adventurous off-road Jeep line.

Auto Transport Estimate For AMC Eagle

For the first time in passenger cars, the early Eagles were equipped with a true full-time system that operated only in all-wheel drive that delivered a quiet and smooth ride and great traction, on both wet or dry pavement. The competition on the market such as the Subaru and Toyota had only part-time four-wheel drive systems, which could not be engaged on dry pavement. The automotive community was shocked that AMC was able to released the first mass-produced American passenger car with 4-wheel-drive of any type ‘ especially considering AMC was viewed as having past its heyday with regards to delivering revolutionary competent vehicles. Nevertheless, AMC re-branded themselves as a new and innovative company, which allowed them much growth in the next 25 years and beyond. Four Wheeler magazine even went so far as to label the AMC Eagle as the start of a “new generation of cars”. Try getting an auto transport quote for the AMC Eagle right here using our first of a kind auto transport estimate calculator.

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