AMC Comanche
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: AMC
Model: Comanche
AMC Comanche

The AMC Comanche was essentially a pick-up version of the extremely popular Cherokee, a compact Sports Utility Vehicle that was in production between 1986 and 1992. The Comanche was welcomed as an innovative model, available in both four-wheel and rear-wheel drive and also available in two cargo box lengths – six or seven feet. The construction of the Comanche earned it its innovative status resulting from the unibody vehicle. In fact, this was the first true pickup truck made in such a manner – not counting the car-based Volkswagen Rabbit and Dodge Rampage. Because the engineers based the design of the Comanche off the body, styling and suspension of the Cherokee, they were able to conserve massive funding that would have been lost in research and development. Nevertheless, the designers couldn't really go wrong given the positive reviews being received by the Cherokee. The engineers proceeded by designing a subframe that connected to the modified Cherokee UniFrame unibody. The Comanche was sadly neglected from redesign after the Chrysler buyout. As a result, other pickup models were better able to meet the growing demand for extended cabs and lower prices. The Comanche only saw minor changes in the following years with regards to parts, which merely established a commonality with the other Chrysler models. Consumers moved on to larger trucks with more cab space and cheaper price tags. Dropping sales forced Chrysler to discontinue manufacturing the Comanche at the end of 1993, at which point only a few thousands trucks had been manufactured during that particular year. However, the Comanche continues to be a highly coveted vehicle, partly due to its durability, uniqueness, and legacy as the "last Jeep pickup." Not surprisingly, fourteen years later, the Comanche is still regarded as fun and reliable. Consumers need only to worry about rust on the frame, which should be thoroughly examined for prior to making a Comanche purchase.

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