AMC Cherokee
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: AMC
Model: Cherokee
AMC Cherokee

The design of the XJ Cherokee dates as far back as 1978, at which point a group of Renault and American Motors Company (AMC) designers drew several sketches and created several clay models based off the existing SJ Cherokee. These initial sketches resembled a European legacy, which has lead to a continued debate as to with whom exactly the recognition should be placed for the creation of this vehicle. Some argue that AMC engineers were responsible; while others are certain Renault’s engineers should be credited with the design. Nevertheless, the Cherokee is a compact Sports Utility Vehicle, which stands apart from previous models in that it lacks any pick-up heritage, and subsequently can be credited for laying the groundwork for the Sport Utility Vehicles later found in the marketplace.

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Manufacturing of the Cherokee was initially completed in Toledo, Ohio; however, manufacturing was eventually halted in the United States, yet it continues in Beijing, China. Over the lifetime of the Cherokee, both two-door and four-door models have been available in the marketplace. The two-door and four-door models had identical track and wheelbase measurements; however, the two-door model was manufactured with longer doors and forward folding front seats, which allowed rear passengers to exit the vehicle. Furthermore, the rear windows were extended and some models were offered with an optional rear vent window. More importantly though, both door versions of the Cherokee have remained popular among off-roading enthusiasts. This is partly due to its potent off-roading capability in stock form, which has allowed the vehicle to have a strong ongoing aftermarket following. A wide variety of products and upgrades are still available to drivers today, which has been instrumental in the continued popularity of this vehicle. The Cherokee is an excellent and inexpensive option widely available today in the United States as a sufficient off-road vehicle for the true adventurer. Learn more about the AMC Cherokee and receive instant auto transport rates using our online rate calculator.

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