Alfa Romeo Sportwagon
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: Sportwagon
Alfa Romeo Sportwagon

The launch of the Sportwagon station wagon in 2000 made a noteworthy addition to the 156 range. This was Alfa Romeo's first stab at an estate car of this size in the company's history. And this wasn't your grandparents' wagon; it was offered with Boge-Nivomat self-leveling hydro pneumatic rear suspension. This front wheel drive car with a double wishbone front suspension and McPherson type rear suspension included engine offerings ranging from 4-cylinder Twin Spark 16 valve engines with variable valve timing to the L4 1.9 8v and L5 2.4 10v JTD turbo diesel engines. These options sure made this vehicle one worth noting. The Sportswagon even offered four-wheel drive in left-hand drive markets as a Cross/Sport Wagon Q4. The exciting addition of the 2002 model was based in the introduction of a 2.0 L JTS engine, which offered more low end torque and more power (165 PS) than the Twin Spark. The GTA variants boasted at least 250 PS, had a lowered and stiffened suspension, a distinctive body kit and leather interior. A new model, the Sportswagon GTA, was released in February 2002. It came exceptionally equipped with a 3.2 L V6 with a six-speed manual transmission, matte-finish surfacing and chrome highlights with the desire to target the performance market. Unfortunately, the GTA was unsuccessful at reaching the performance market and was subsequently dropped from production in October 2005. Nevertheless, Alfa Romeo looked forward to the release of the 159, which they cited as the replacement to the 156. However, before production was suspended, four-wheel drive versions arrived to some markets in 2004 as the Crosswagon Q4 and Sportwagon Q4. These cars were specially equipped with raised ride heights and with a Torsen four-wheel drive system. These features were a delight to see being offered in this particular market segment.

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