Alfa Romeo Spider
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: Spider
Alfa Romeo Spider

Car enthusiasts were privy to the Alfa Romeo Spider roadster from 1966 to 1993. It is amazing that nearly three decades of manufacturing of the Spider passed and only a few design and mechanical changes were instituted. The history of the Spider is intriguing from the start, including the fact that the car was released in 1966 unnamed! Incidentally, the name "Duetto" was selected in a write-in competition. The first edition of the Spider, the "Duetto", was manufactured from 1966-1967, at which time it was replaced by the Spider Veloce in 1969. No major changes were made for another 16 years until a revamp came in 1983, which most notably, included rubber front and rear bumpers. Perhaps because drivers had come to love the previous and familiar design, the changes, which drastically changed the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle, were not well received. The final overhaul came in 1990, when changes were made to the electronic fuel injection of the European model ' it was updated with the Bosch electronic fuel injection being used in the North American models. The aesthetic changes that took place have left many debating whether the changes worsened or enhanced the classic appeal of the Spider. Aesthetically, the front under-bumper and the rear trunk-lid spoilers were removed; where as, 164-style rear lights and new plastic bumpers (the color of the car) were added. This model only survived another three years of fame and was removed from the production line in 1993. However, a replacement was quick to surface a mere one-year later with the release of the Alfa Spider. A commemorative edition of the Spider was available in North America in 1994, and included some extra goodies for the true Alfa Romeo Spider fan ' documentation, a numbered key chain, and a leather portfolio. Only 190 Spiders were available to purchase in this final production.

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