Acura Vigor
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Acura
Model: Vigor
Acura Vigor

Well, Acura is always attempting to stay ahead of the trends, and to do so, is continuously taking risks to make this happen. Unfortunately, they are sometimes wrong, and this was precisely the case with the Acura Vigor. The Vigor was designed with the belief that consumers would be moving towards smaller, and more compact fuel-efficient vehicles and Acura believed that the Vigor, which was being offered at a lower price point, would be able to fill this need. When the Vigor was released in 1992, the reviews were anything but reassuring. Acura had intended for the Vigor to compete with the Lexus ES 300 in the entry-level luxury car segment; however, reviews stated that the consumer preferred the Lexus for its interior spaciousness and smoothness of ride. The Vigor was unsatisfactorily received as too small and too stiff; yet, it did catch positive points for handling ability, which ironically resulted from the small size. Acura was fairly quick to make changes and respond to consumer concerns, which prompted a redesign for the 1994 model. Of course they reacted by increasing the legroom for the rear seats and they improved the smoothness of the ride in an attempt to better emulate the quality experience that drivers expected from the ES. However, it appears the attempt was futile because sales continued to fall short of the necessary mark required to make the model profitable. Consumers still preferred models such as the Legend, stating that they were a more powerful ride; meanwhile, still preferring the ES in regards to luxury offerings. Honda, Acura's parent company, had no choice but to drop the vehicle from production. May 13, 1994 marks the last day of production for the Acura Vigor; yet, Acura was not idle long, and the Vigor was quickly replaced with the Acura TL in 1996.

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