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Transporting Cars to Washington State

Washington 1The state of Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, and is actually the northwestern-most state in the U.S., which is actually somewhat detrimental to your auto transport prices as carriers are less willing to head that far north. It does help that one of the largest ports on the west coast is located in Seattle, and the accompanying city has over 650,000 residents within it. Its status as the largest city north of San Francisco makes it a bit more popular in the eyes of carriers, but not that much more.

The biggest problem is the state’s interstates – or lack thereof. I-5 and I-90 are the only two main interstates to run through the state, though there are several auxiliary interstates that car carriers will travel along. However, I-5 is the most-traveled corridor in the state, as it heads north from San Diego, California and passes through several of California and Oregon’s largest cities before heading into Washington and eventually Seattle. Coming from the east, I-90 is the only way to get to Washington from there, which makes it more difficult as fewer carriers prefer I-90 to other, less complex routes. I-90’s great because it traverses the entire country, but not as popular because it runs through many northern states, which are prone to snow in the winter months, as well as more barren states like Montana, Idaho and North Dakota. This deters carriers because fewer customers lie along I-90 than I-5, so expect slightly higher prices for transporting in and out of Washington this winter.

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