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Top Trending Performance Mods for Cars in 2019

You’re a gearhead. We get it. You love to stay up to date with all of the most popular trends in car performance mods. We do too. Even though our favorite type of vehicle is a big rig that can hold 8-10 vehicles on the back of it, our heads still turn at a beautiful modified car. That’s why our car shipping experts here at Direct Express Auto Transport have put together this list of the top trending performance mods for cars in 2019. See what’s hot this year, and ship your modded ride with our trusted team.

Forced Induction

There are two primary types of car performance mods. There are aesthetic mods, which affect appearance, and there are performance mods, which affect how the car drives. Forced induction is, without a doubt, a member of the second category. Forced induction is a process through which compressed air is delivered to the intake of an internal combustion engine. This results in improved engine performance in categories including its efficiency and the power-to-weight ratio.

Upgrading your engine to a forced induction is commonly called turbocharging, and it’s not as expensive as you might think. Turbo kits start at around $2,500 and the higher end kits will run you nearly $10,000. Superchargers are similar to turbochargers but have a belt driven compressor, so maintenance for superchargers also consists of keeping the belt oiled and occasionally replacing the belt itself. The cheapest you’ll find a supercharger is about $1,500 and will go up to $5,000 for units with high boost pressure that are nice and polished. When your car is turbocharged or supercharged, it will output more power more efficiently. A win-win for you and your car.


High Performance Tires That Fit Your Driving Style

Whether you’ve got 28’s or 12’s, a good set of high-performance tires seems like it’d be a no brainer, but in practice it’s something that gets forgotten by modders who are solely focused on the engines and bodies of their rides. However, tires should not be neglected, as they can approve both the performance and the appearance of your vehicle. When choosing tires for your ride, there are a few things you should consider.

First, you’ll want to think about how you really use your car. It might be enticing to get tires that look the best holding up the body of your car or circling your sick rims, but you have to also remember that your tires are one of the most important elements to get the most out of your car, not to mention your other car performance mods. Big time drifter? Get tires that hold up as you whip it around those corners. Are you a pink slip drag racer? Then you probably already know the exact aggressive tread pattern that works best for your workhorse. New modder/racer? Get advice on what’s going to work best for your car by heading to your local tire shop and talking with a few technicians.



Need a one-time, quick boost that’ll add at least 50 horsepower to your car for a short period of time? Look no further than nitrous. Nitrous is a great way to impress a date, give you that final push in a (totally legal) street race, or add a little extra fun to your weekend cruise around town. Nitrous (or nos for short) is nitrous oxide gas, which at a normal temperature is a stable gas but when heated breaks down to create a large amount of oxygen. This dense air enters into the combustion chamber, where it can handle more injected fuel, enabling your engine to produce more power.


Brakes Built for Racers

Race car brakes are one of the trendiest things in the world for car performance mods these days. If you’re looking to mod your brakes yourself, there are two ways to tackle the process. You can either get a performance break kit — which includes pads, upgraded rotors, shims and hardware — or you can go the route of buying each part of the brake system separately. Race car brakes are lightweight with speed holes that reduce weight and increase the heat dissipation to help improve braking performance. Race car braking systems also have race car pads, which are more stable, reliable, and durable than traditional brake pads. They won’t wear out nearly as quickly over repeated stops.


Don’t Drive Your Modded Car Long Distances — Ship it

Your modded car is your prized possession. Don’t wear it out by driving it to and from far-away events. We’re not saying don’t go — just don’t drive your modded car all the way there. Those are hundreds (if not thousands) of unnecessary miles that can wear your ride out over time. Instead, make your modded car a passenger. Ship it.

Maybe you have invested in your own trailer for your modded car, but if you haven’t, we recommended shipping it with a cross-country car shipping company. Working with a reliable and efficient company will allow you to move your car from one location to another quickly and safely without hassle. It will arrive in great shape, ready to rally or show. Selling your modded car or another vehicle in your fleet? Use car shipping to reach a wider range of potential buyers. Who knows, you may get a great offer several states away. If that happens, you’ll have to be ready to ship.


Learn More About Car Performance Mods and Ship With Us

Want more info on the latest car mods? Ready to ship your ride? Our team at Direct Express Auto Transport is here to help. Your car is in great hands with our team of professional, passionate, and hardworking dispatchers, drivers, and customer service representatives. Whether you need to ship in a closed container or in an open trailer, we’ve got you covered (or uncovered, depending on which option you choose). We ship cars to and from any state in the contiguous United States. Shipping with us is simpler, safer, and more affordable than it is with the competition. That’s because we make the process easy, and we use industry-leading logistics to ensure safety, efficiency, and low pricing. All you have to do to get started is answer seven easy questions on our first-of-its-kind Auto Transport Quote Calculator. Want to read more about our service from those that have shipped with us. Read what our customers have to say on Trustpilot. Ready to ship or talk shop? Contact us today!

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