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Tips for Planning Your Move: The Quick-and-Easy Relocation Checklist (INFOGRAPHIC)

tips for planning your move

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The Quick-and-Easy Relocation Checklist: Tips for Planning Your Move

Whether you’re moving across the world or just down the street, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch. Follow these tips in our relocation checklist to make your next move your best move.

Make a List (or Many)

It’s strange to start a checklist by making another list, but that’s exactly what you should do for your move. Itemize administrative tasks and need-to-pack possessions to make sure everything is taken care of on time.

Book (Ahead of Time)

Most moves require many bookings. Book your professional movers, your storage unit, your rental vehicle. Even your car shipping company should be booked about seven days in advance of your move.

Invest in Moving Insurance

Accidents happen — sometimes even during the most meticulously-planned moves. Make sure you are covered by investing in moving insurance before moving.

Buy Proper Packing Supplies

No move is complete without packing supplies. Here are a few packing essentials you can’t forget.

  • Cardboard boxes of the same size (or the same two sizes) for easy packing and stacking
  • Makers for labeling
  • Packing tape for secure closure
  • Bubble wrap for cushioning items
  • Rope, bungee cords, or EZ straps for tie downs

Stay on Top of Sorting

As you pack, make sure to sort your items before putting them in boxes. We recommend sorting by room to make unpacking easy. Also, start creating “donate,” “sell,” and “throw away” piles well in advance of your move to take care of items you no longer want. It feels good to purge and now is the ideal time.

Measure Your New Place

Take detailed measurements of your new place before deciding which pieces of furniture you want to keep or lose. Sometimes, space simply won’t allow for your favorite big-ticket items.

Notify Everyone of Your Move

There are many people and institutions that should be notified of your move (and your new address) well before it actually happens. These include neighbors, employers, utility companies, medical care providers, and any organizations that regularly send you mail. Of course, you will be certain to fill out the Post Office Change of Address form. But notifying every entity individually is the surest way to assure that your bills and correspondence reach you in a timely manner at your new address.

Do Your Research

Whether you’re buying packing supplies or booking moving companies, always do your research before putting down your dollar. The same goes for your new home—but we trust you’ve got that covered.

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