Three Tiers of Auto Transport Quotes

photo of Arrows and words ,,Good, Better, Best " written  on blackboardWe uniquely offer our customers three tiers, or levels, of auto transport quotes from which to choose. We figure the more options, the better. Most competitors offer only one.

One of the many reasons for choosing us is that we understand that sometimes a customer is in a bigger hurry and willing to pay more than the basic Standard market rate for car shipping. They may want to Expedite or even Rush the car transport service. We offer that choice.

Standard Tier

photo of Car Transport DriverThe Standard Tier is good. We determine the most competitive, basic cost to ship your vehicle. Consider it the normal, standard market rate. About 75% of the time, it works anywhere from one to ten days from the first date a customer makes their vehicle available. If it takes longer, the thing to do is bump up to the next tier, or level, of auto transport rate, which is what we call the Expedited Tier.

Expedited Tier

photo of Auto Transport DriverThe Expedited Tier is better because it moves a customer slightly ahead of the pack and can make a big difference in shipping a car sooner rather than later. Auto transport service carriers usually pick and choose which vehicles to transport from among dozens in the nearby vicinity. The higher Expedited Tier is oftentimes just enough to break a pricing tie or lure a car shipping carrier to pick up that vehicle instead of another. We highly recommend the Expedited Tier.

Rush Tier

photo of Car Shipping DriverThe Rush Tier is certainly best and probably overboard. But that is what it sometimes takes to get a carrier to drive out of his way to ship a car from or to a remote location. It is especially effective when there is an over supply of vehicles, such as leaving Florida in the Spring. In a crowded field of vehicles in a 25 mile radius, the higher Rush Tier makes vehicle(s) more attractive to the very discerning car transport driver. The Rush Tier may also help when a vehicle is oversized or in some other way a logistical problem. It helps to solve the issue and make it worth a driver’s extra effort.

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