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Wyoming auto shipping carriers have a lot of ground to cover. The Cowboy State is the smallest in America, with only 577,737 people according to the 2018 census. However, that sparse population is spread over the 10th largest landmass in the country. Chances are high that if you want to be left alone, there is no better place than Wyoming. It is also breathtakingly beautiful.

Whether you’re shipping your car to Wyoming or moving out of the state with your vehicle, you need a Wyoming car transport team you can count on to ship your vehicle from point A to point B safely, affordably, and efficiently. Shipping your car is a great way to save time and save your car from the wear and tear of hundreds to thousands of highway miles. Here at Direct Express Auto Transport, we proudly offer Wyoming auto transport for those moving into and out of the Cowboy State. Learn more about Wyoming car transport below, and ship your vehicle with our team today!

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Whenever a region, or in this case a state such as Wyoming, is so sparsely populated, it becomes very difficult to amalgamate full truckloads. A Wyoming auto shipping carrier needs 8-10 vehicles to make a 2,000 mile trip to anywhere. That takes time in Wyoming. Even shorter car shipping distances of 1,000 miles requires 5-7 vehicles to make the journey, and that too is arduous.

Wyoming has only two cities with populations over 50,000, and both just barely exceed that number. The largest is Cheyenne, the capital, at roughly 64,000 people. The other is Casper, at about 58,000 people. Laramie and Gillette are both approximately half of those figures. Other towns get smaller and smaller after that. So imagine that you are shipping your car from Wyoming to New Jersey. How many other people in your community do you think are also doing that this week? You need eight or nine other vehicles in order for your car to get picked up and gone. If it happens within a week, then count yourself lucky. Sometimes it takes longer, so be prepared to schedule shipping well in advance of your ideal date.

Here at Direct Express Auto Transport, we are proud to offer Wyoming auto transport to car owners looking to ship their cars out of Wyoming. While our truckers don’t make many stops in Wyoming, they do pass through the state fairly often. If you want to schedule a pick-up time with us, we’ll use our intelligent logistics to schedule you with a route that passes through your state. We work diligently to meet your dates, and we proudly offer both uncovered and covered shipping options. We even offer door-to-door service.


Auto Shipping To Wyoming

You know what’s harder than car transporting from Wyoming? Shipping to Wyoming. It takes even longer and costs more. Your vehicle alone is not enough to get a Wyoming auto shipping carrier on the road. He will not make the trip until his trip expenses are covered (seven vehicles on average). And why do that if there’s no profit? The last two or three vehicles represent his profit and a good reason to get up in the morning. It takes time. Most of our negative reviews come from customers shipping to remote or sparsely populated areas who do not understand why it took so long. Our warnings fall on deaf ears. The situation is the same no matter the auto transport company you choose. One reason to choose Direct Express Auto Transport is that we tell the truth about auto shipping to Wyoming. Others may not.

Wyoming Auto Shipping QuotesThe northwestern area of Wyoming is dominated by two National Parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Don’t try to ship from or to there. It almost never goes according to plan. If you do try it, expect to pay more than a pretty penny. If your car is shipping from a long distance, try to meet a Wyoming auto shipping carrier somewhere along the three major interstates that criss-cross the state. Meet a driver along I-90 in the north (Buffalo, Sheridan); I-25 in high plains eastern Wyoming (Cheyenne, Casper); or I-80 that cuts across the southern part (Cheyenne, Laramie). You want to make it as easy as possible for a carrier to fetch or deliver your vehicle. If that doesn’t work for you, have no fear — we offer door-to-door shipping, too.

With drivers continually criss-crossing the great state of Wyoming, our team here at Direct Express Auto proudly offers expedited car transport for those looking to enter the Cowboy State. We keep prices and shipping times low by linking your car with one of our pre-existing shipping routes. You can meet us wherever you like, and we’ll also meet you at your door (or as close to it as possible).

Ship Your Car from Wyoming

Looking to ship your car to or from Wyoming? When it comes to car shipping, Wyoming only has a handful of options to choose from. Among the select few Wyoming car shipping companies out there, none compare to our team here at Direct Express Auto Transport. As the first auto transport company to develop and use an Online Quote Calculator, we keep things simple by giving you affordable, 100%-transparent quotes in seconds with just a few pieces of information. More importantly, we back up our quotes with exemplary service, fast shipping times, and both covered and uncovered shipping options. These advantages and more have earned us a 94% 5-star rating on Trustpilot and thousands of happy customers nationwide.

Interested in learning more about transporting your car? Visit our Blog and FAQ pages for a host of car shipping resources, or contact our team directly to have your questions answered. Ready to ship with us? Get started with our Online Quote Calculator to get a free car shipping quote in seconds and start the scheduling process. No matter where you are or where you’re going in Wyoming, we make it easy to get your car there. Ship with us today!

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