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Fortunately one of the busiest east-west interstate freeways in the country cuts right through Nebraska, I-80. So the auto shipping action, if you want to call it that, happens best in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island and Kearney. Omaha also benefits from the north-south interstate freeway I-29 which starts at the North Dakota/Canadian border and intersects Fargo, Sioux Falls, Sioux City, and into Omaha. From the other southern direction, I-29 continues to follow the Missouri River about 200 miles from Kansas City.

The only sudo-reliable places to ship a car in Nebraska are Omaha and Lincoln, and even those towns occasionally have trouble if the corresponding shipping point is not heavily populated. Picture it this way, an auto transport carrier needs 8-10 vehicles on its back before it can hit the road. Even in towns the size of Baltimore or New Orleans, they might not have 8-10 cars ready to ship to Omaha every week. So it could take longer to amalgamate. By the way, everybody has that difficulty. Now imagine the shipping destination or origination is some cute but remote Nebraska town such as Norfolk or Alliance? See the logistical problem? Our auto shipping quotes calculator tries to account for all those variables to lure a driver to the customer location.

We sometimes hear the very practical observation that the customer may not be in Omaha or Lincoln, but he is on I-80 and can see with his own eyes many auto transport carriers whizzing by on the freeway. So why can’t one just pick up his car and drop it off on the way to Denver or San Francisco? The simple answer is that the rate to ship a car a shorter distance will of course be less than a longer distance. If the carrier is heading to San Francisco from say … Buffalo, and decides to fill one of his spots with a Nebraska vehicle, then he needs to know that he can refill that space in Nebraska with another vehicle going to San Francisco. Otherwise that space will be empty and the carrier will lose money. Much easier then, to load up a carrier in Buffalo with 8-10 cars all heading to the Bay Area. So the carrier has a practical reason for not doing what seems so obvious to the customer.

Vehicle Transport Quotes Calculator

We are very aware of those logistics and our vehicle transport quotes are often padded with a little extra for Nebraska in the hopes of snagging a carrier. We don’t do that for any other reason but to take care of our customers. We never make more than our nominal deposit so higher prices do not benefit us. We set the carrier fee balance where we think it needs to be to get the job done. If you would like to learn more about the auto transport service industry, you can do so by going here.

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