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Auto shipping to and from the greater Boston area is a breeze with our original auto transport quote calculator. Boston has a storied history rivaled only by New York and Philadelphia. Boston as a city only has a population of 650,000, similar in size to San Francisco, but greater Boston actually holds about 4.5 million people, making it the tenth most populous metropolitan area in these United States. But wait … there’s more. If you factor in the entire commuting region of greater Boston, it is home to nearly 7.6 million people! That makes greater Boston the sixth largest combined statistical area in the country and a hotbed for car shipping services.

Boston, MA - Direct Express Auto TransportBoston was named by Puritans in 1630 who had come from Boston, Lincolnshire, England, which is about 112 miles due north of London. In case you were sick that day, the Puritans stood in revolt to the Church of England, which stood in revolt to the Roman Catholic Church. As far as the Puritans were concerned, the Church of England was more like than apart from Catholicism. Another way to look at it, the Puritans were extremist Protestants that held to strictly religious views, much like Christian evangelism today. Eventually, after the 18th century, they were absorbed into the many sects of Protestantism in America. They emigrated to the Boston area, known early on as the Shawmut Peninsula, and were very influential with the early development of Boston society. It was no accident that the rebel spirit of the Puritans held sway over the hearts and minds of American Revolutionaries in the late 18th century. Perhaps you recall the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre and Battle of Bunker Hill? That Boston would be first to poke England’s King George III in the eye was probably no accident. That tussle was brewing for centuries and only needed a spark.

Auto Shipping in BostonBoston has been home to some of America’s greatest leaders: revolutionaries Paul Revere, Robert Paine and Samuel Adams; Presidents John Adams, John Quincy Adams and John F. Kennedy; writers Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost; inventor Samuel Morse; journalists Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters. The list goes on. There must be something in the water because the number of creative and intellectual talent that has come from Boston is extraordinary. We haven’t even bothered here to go down the list of musicians and actors because it’s just too long.


Bill Russell & Car ShippingBoston is a crazy sports town. The championships just keep coming. The New England Patriots with Coach Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady running things have won 4 NFL Super Bowl Championships, most recently in 2015.

The Boston Bruins have won 6 NHL Stanley Cup Championships, most recently in 2011. Remember Bobby Orr?

The Boston Red Sox have won 8 MLB World Series, most recently 2013. Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski were great hitters.

The Boston Celtics take the cake, having won a staggering 17 NBA Championships, including 8 in a row in the 1960’s. Bill Russell (shown here) and Larry Bird are two of the greatest all-time.

They also have the annual Boston Marathon every April, one of the most elite races in running. Yep, they love their sports and are incredibly savvy fans in Boston.

The famous I-95 interstate freeway starts in Florida and goes right through downtown Boston on it’s way to Maine. That freeway connects the entire eastern seaboard. I-90 starts near Logan Airport in Boston and doesn’t stop until Seattle, Washington. I-93 runs through Boston to Providence, Rhode Island and up to New Hampshire. I-495 encircles Boston, cutting through many outlying suburbs. I-190, 290 and 390 also alleviate traffic stress on the city. Boston is a fantastic city for our auto transport quote calculator. Try it here on this page today!

Greater Boston Neighborhoods

Winthrop, Revere, Chelsea,Everett, Somerville, Cambridge, Newton, Brookline, Needham, Dedham, Canton, Milton, and Quincy.

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