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When transporting your vehicle to Hawaii, there are a few things that you should be aware of that can affect your price and how long it will take to get your vehicle moved. If you didn’t know, Hawaii is an island in the south Pacific, and while it is part of the U.S., it is the only island state. There are no roads that go to Hawaii, which means that anything going to or from the island must be either transported overseas or via airplane. And since cars weigh a lot, transport by plane is usually prohibitive. That means the only option available for auto transport to Hawaii is via overseas shipping.

When you book your order, your representative will work closely with two different shippers to get your vehicle picked up in the U.S. and moved to Hawaii. Unless you drive your vehicle to the port in Long Beach, California yourself, your auto transport company will hire an overland carrier to pick it up for you. The pickup is just like any other overland shipment – your vehicle will be picked up by the driver, you and he will inspect the vehicle, and off he will go to the port with your vehicle secured tightly to the back to his truck.

Once the car’s out of your hands and into the hands of your shippers, you’re basically just waiting. You will, of course, need to be at the port for the final delivery, but that won’t be for a couple of weeks. It takes time to get your vehicle to the port via overland transport, and then the port shippers will have to put your vehicle onto a roll-on/roll-off cargo ship that will then need to depart and head to the port in Hawaii.

All this takes time. Depending on where you are shipping from in the U.S., it could take a week or more to get your vehicle to the port in Long Beach. From there, it can take an additional week to get your vehicle secured on a ship (depending on the port shippers’ space per ship and how many vehicles they are shipping), and then up to two weeks to get your vehicle to the port in Hawaii. It takes time. So be prepared to be without your vehicle for at least two or three weeks, as that is the usual turnaround time for auto transport to Hawaii.

Chances are you will need to pay the entire cost of the shipment up front when you book your order. This is a common practice when shipping overseas, as there are going to be three different shipping companies that will need to be paid by your representative. As opposed to calling you three or four times or having you pay three or four different companies, your representative will more than likely take the entire payment up front and then use the funds they collected to pay the various shippers that they used to get your vehicle to Hawaii. Is it perfect? No, but it’s the best way there is to get your vehicle overseas.

If you’re interested in transporting your vehicle to the state of Hawaii, you can fill out our free online car shipping quote form and get an instant auto transport quote. However, we will only service the continental USA part of your shipment to or from a port. You can book your auto transport order right there online or you can call our toll-free telephone number at 800-600-3750 to speak to one of our live auto shipping service representatives who can answer your questions and explain more about the auto transportation process.

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