Moving to Jacksonville, FL in search of warm, coastal weather and a great urban scene? Leaving Jacksonville for colder climates and wide-open spaces? Whichever way you’re going, you’ll want your car with you once you get there. What you don’t want to do (if you can avoid it) is to drive your car hundreds to thousands of miles during your move. This can put unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle and waste countless hours of your time. Save yourself the trouble by shipping your car to or from Jacksonville with our team here at Direct Express Auto Transport. Of the many car shipping companies in Jacksonville, FL, none offer the same level of reliability, efficiency, or all-around customer service as our award-winning team. You don’t have to endlessly search “car transport Jacksonville” to sift through potential car shipping options. All you need to do is scroll down to learn more about our service, and use our Online Quote Calculator to get started.

Ship Your Car to Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL downtown city skylineThere are a number of great reasons to move to Jacksonville, FL. Year-round warm weather. Incredible coastal views. Delicious food and a vibrant nightlife. The list goes on. Whether you’re moving to Jacksonville for the first time or you’re a “snowbird” doing your annual migration south for the winter, you’ll want your car with you for the duration of your Jacksonville stay. Like much of Florida, Jacksonville is latticed with freeways, which are by far the best way to get around. Bring your car with you to make transportation a breeze, but skip the hassle of driving it to Jacksonville yourself by shipping it with our team here at Direct Express Auto Transport. We use industry-leading logistics and our expansive network of freight drivers to ship your car quickly and affordably. Our excellent service has earned us a spot among the best of the best car shipping companies in Jacksonville, FL. Ship with us, and you’ll see why.

Ship Your Car from Jacksonville

Maybe you’re searching “car shipping Jacksonville, FL” to leave the area. Like many, you may be looking for cooler, dryer weather, or someplace with mountains. Or, like other “snowbirds,” you’re heading back north for the summer. Whatever your reason, there is no reason you have to drive your car all the way to your new home. This is a waste of time for you and a major burden on your vehicle. Ship your car out of the area with our team here at Direct Express Auto Transport. When it comes to car transport, Jacksonville has several choices to offer. We distinguish ourselves from the many car shipping companies in Jacksonville, FL with our affordable rates, unparalleled service, fast shipping times, and both covered and uncovered shipping options. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re shipping, we’ll get it to your new destination safe and sound.

Car Shipping Quotes Jacksonville, FL

There are several car shipping companies in Jacksonville, FL. None make car shipping as fast, easy, and affordable as our team here at Direct Express Auto Transport. We start things off with our Online Quote Calculator: a first-of-its-kind automatic quoting tool designed to deliver you a 100%-transparent quote in seconds. Simply enter a few facts about your destination city, your departure city, and your car to secure an affordable quote from our team.

With your rate in hand, you may be wondering whether our team is the right choice for you. Whether you’re leaving Jacksonville or moving to Jacksonville, there are a number of reasons why you should choose our team for car transport. Jacksonville is a big city with high shipping demands. We use industry-leading logistics and expansive network to keep rates affordable and shipping times short. We also offer both uncovered and covered shipping options, plus comprehensive on-call customer support to answer your questions at any time. These many benefits and features have earned us a 5-star rating on Trustpilot as well as thousands of happy car-owners nationwide. Visit our About Us page for more information on our company, and check out our Blog for more car shipping resources. Have questions? Ready to get started? Contact us to speak with our team, and use our Online Quote Calculator to secure your quote. Your search for “car shipping Jacksonville, FL” ends here.

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