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Colorado is bordered by several states including Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas, which are all its neighbors along with Nebraska and Wyoming. The thing most of these Rocky Mountain and plain states have in common is that for a car shipping driver the road goes on forever. An auto shipper may think that the Kansas wheat fields will never end, but they lead right into the gorgeous state of Colorado, where real men drink Coors Beer and the women … well they prefer a Coors Lite.

Some things that Colorado is known for is The United States Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs and The Colorado Rockies. There are also several popular camping and lodging sites. Colorado is also well known for having become a state on July 4, 1876, the 100th anniversary of Independence Day. For this reason, it is called the Centennial State.

One famous Colorado person that comes quickly to mind is John Elway, the executive vice president of football operations. He played for the Denver Broncos for most of his career. The Hall of Fame quarterback led the Colorado football team to five Super Bowls.

Shipping Your Car In Colorado

Colorado auto transport carriers must be prepared to drive through very high altitudes. Vehicle shipping teams traveling in Leadville, the highest elevated city in the whole United States, will find themselves 10,430 feet high. Exactly one mile above the sea level is a place called The Mile High City, better known as Denver, the state’s capital and most populated city. There is also Grand Mesa, the world’s tallest level mountain top with an elevation of 11,332 ft. Then, recorded as the highest road in North America, vehicle shipping teams can find a road that is 14,000 ft. high off of I-70. Lastly, though auto transport drivers probably won’t be delivering there, Grand Sand Dunes National Park in the San Luis Valley sports North America’s highest sand dune.

When coming into Colorado from out of town, and especially if you are not used to such high altitudes, it may be best to use a vehicle shipping service. Give your tires a break and save on mileage by relying on an auto transport team. Whether you are relocating or just need your car with you for a long vacation, you will appreciate having a Colorado auto transport company to assist you with your vehicle shipping needs. Your car will be delivered as close to your door as possible or shipped to another nearby location.

Are you thinking about using auto transport services to ship a car to Colorado or do you just want to know more about car shipping? Dial 800-600-3750, our toll free number, to get in contact with one of our vehicle shipping customer service representatives. Direct Express Auto Transport makes booking car shipments online simple and easy.

Colorado Auto Transport

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