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Los Angeles is the City of Angels … and home to Hollywood movie stars, great musicians, the television industry, incredible art and museums, Disneyland, the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers & Kings! The weather is warm and mild. The white sandy beaches are picturesque with spectacular sunsets. The medical community and universities are world renown.Hollywood LA Car Shipping Los Angeles has nearly 13 million people as of the 2010 census, and almost 18 million if you count the surrounding area. Angelenos, as they are called, are a wonderful mosaic of people from diverse backgrounds covering the entire world. Large populations of White, African-American, Latino, Asian, Arab, Native American and more inhabit L.A., which makes the city rich in music, art, cuisine and just plain culture. LA is a taste of everything. We like it because with all those people in one place, there are plenty needing to ship a car!

What It’s Like To Ship A Car In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is huge! It can easily take a couple hours to drive from one end to the other with no traffic. However, it seems there’s always traffic and getting anywhere takes considerably longer than any person likes. If you have ever driven a car in L.A., you may have noticed that as a group, as a city, they are extraordinary drivers. Los Angeles automobiles can be seen darting in and out of traffic, switching lanes with the confidence of a race car driver, sometimes coming within inches of other vehicles while traveling fast, and of course skirting a long line of the sheepish by squirming in the front at the last possible second. What is amazing is that with all that jockeying for position, if even one driver messes up, then hundreds of thousands of people will be very late for work or some other event. Rarely do they mess up. The first time you see Angelenos on the road it is intimidating, but after awhile everybody gets the hang of it. Frankly, Los Angeles rocks like no other when comes to freeway driving. And so do our car transport carriers navigating their way through layers of frenetic traffic.

Car shipping carriers don’t have the luxury of driving like Mario Andretti on Los Angeles’ vast expanse of freeways. Auto transporters have large trucks carrying as many as ten vehicles on their back and cannot afford a mistake. So while everybody else is juking and jiving on the road, the carrier drivers are steady eddy taking good care of other people’s vehicles.

Los Angeles Freeway System For Auto Shipping

Beach in Los Angeles, CA for Car ShippingIn LA, people will not say “I-10”, but rather, will call it “The 10”. Every freeway is “The” and not “I”. Only Angelenos speak that way. It takes some getting used to that manner of speech. Farther north in the San Francisco bay area, people say it the same way as most Americans, preferring the short abbreviation for interstate by saying, “I”. So Angelenos are unique.

To that end, “the 5” cuts diagonally from the NW part of Los Angeles right through downtown and then on to Orange County. The 10 splits LA in half from the east, again through downtown, before ending at the Santa Monica Beach in the west. The 110 starts in Pasadena on the north side and spears downtown on its way to Long Beach due south. The 710 does exactly the same thing but just a little farther east. The 605 arcs from the San Gabriel mountain foothills south to the 405 where it dead ends near Seal Beach. Every auto transport carrier knows his way through this maze of LA freeways.

Los Angeles Car Shipping 405 Freeway

The 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. Now do you understand what we’re talking about? Nobody mess up!

The 405 makes a gigantic half circle around Los Angeles by starting in the San Fernando Valley and heading directly south past Van Nuys, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Inglewood, Playa Del Rey, Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance and Carson. The 405 then lurches eastward through Long Beach before arching SE to Orange County. The 405 is one of the most travelled and congested freeways in Los Angeles, as just about any auto shipper can tell you.

Los Angeles added the 105 to help with traffic to LAX, the Los Angeles International Airport. The 105 also relieved some of the pressure on the 91 which also runs east to west on the south side of Los Angeles. The 210 serves the same purpose on the far north side of Los Angeles. The 2, 101, 134 all shoot off from downtown to serve communities on the northern stretches of L.A., such as Hollywood and Burbank. The 57 is a vital link on the far eastern side of the greater Los Angeles area, which allows car carriers and drivers to scoot around central Los Angeles. Make no mistake about it, an auto transporter must master Los Angeles if he has any hope of meeting his pickup and delivery appointments.

Direct Express Auto Transport originated the auto transport quote calculator. We know Los Angeles exceptionally well and are here to answer your questions about auto shipping.

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