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Palm trees in CaliforniaWant to ship your car to or from California? With our auto transport services, we make it easy to ship your car in or out of the Golden State. California is America’s most populous state with almost 40 million residents. If it were its own country, and some argue for that, California would have the world’s 5th largest economy. That means there is a tremendous number of auto transport California shipments. The greater Los Angeles metropolitan area has nearly 19 million people, roughly half of California. The L.A. Basin unquestionably is the single biggest market for the California car shipping industry.

Unlike New York, where a person can get by without a car because of the elaborate public transportation system, Los Angeles is heavily dependent on the automobile. A quick glance at the L.A. rush hour traffic jams on almost any freeway reveals a staggering number of single driver vehicles. Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties do everything they can to encourage carpooling, but nevertheless see an inordinate number of people alone in their vehicles. All those vehicles mean a rich city market for any California car shipping business. It doesn’t matter whether a customer wants to ship a car from Florida to California, or ship car from Texas to California, the Golden State is a favorite destination nationwide.

If you’ve searched “shipping car to California,” or simply “auto transport California,” you’ve likely encountered a large number of options. When it comes to auto transport companies, California has a choice to spare. On this page, our team here at Direct Express Auto Transport will help you narrow your search. We’ll cover the ins and outs of car shipping in California and show you just why our team is an excellent choice — no matter which way you’re traveling. Learn more about California car shipping below, and ship your vehicle with our team today!

Car Shipping Companies in California

Our customers are always looking for the top car shipping companies in California. They want to ship their vehicle quickly and safely across the state with the most reliable auto transporter around. We recommend that each customer do their research and compare prices before making a decision. By using the calculator on this page, you can get an exact quote without having to fill out any personal information. Read our reviews to find out why we’re one of the best car shipping companies in the state.

Shipping Your Car In Los Angeles

In the Los Angeles Basin from the San Fernando Valley to the San Gabriel Valley, from Santa Monica and the South Bay beach towns (hello Manhattan Beach!) to South-Central and downtown L.A., from the Hollywood Hills to East L.A., from City of Commerce and Industry to all of Orange County, the freeway system is laid out perfectly to transport vehicles as efficiently as possible. And everybody seems to have their own strategy for getting from Point A to Point B. But make no mistake about it, we love Los Angeles car shipping! Nearby the L.A. Basin is Orange County and the Inland Empire. Our first of a kind, original Direct Express Auto Transport instant quote calculator is ideal for reliable door-to-door prices going any distance between Los Angeles and any other city.

The Golden State is known for many things. California has several incredible landmarks including The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Yosemite National Park in the High Sierra Desert. Positioned on the west coast of the United States, California is also known for its mountains and valleys, long beaches, vineyards and wineries, and for having the widest and tallest Redwood trees. It is also a favorite ship car to California thing to do.

Using The Right Car Transport Company in California

Auto transport services to and from California takes a special skill. You definitely want to use a vehicle shipping service. Even if you enjoy a good road trip, hauling an extra vehicle up or down the state is a task you want to leave to the professionals. Expert vehicle shipping companies know how to navigate through this mountainous state and deliver your car to you expeditiously. California is a beautiful state, even from an airplane view. So you won’t miss out. You can fly to your destination, and rely on your vehicle shipping company to deliver your car to you.

California is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Baja California (a Mexican State) to the south. Whether you need to use an auto transport company to get your car from Sacramento to LA, or through the Central Valley down to the San Diego border, you want a top quality carrier to ship your vehicle. The drivers conducting the auto transport deliveries throughout California can expect to come across these different regions.

Moving Car To California In The Northern & Central Regions

Starting from just below the Oregon border, auto transport teams head down from the North Coast or the Shasta Cascade region. In the Cascade Range in Northern California, you’ll find the Shasta Mountains. One beautiful mountain there is reported to be an active Volcano and contains one of California’s highest peaks.

In the central northeastern part of California, auto transport carriers go through an area called Gold Country. This is the famous area that attracted a wave of people looking for gold to migrate to the west in the mid 1800’s. The narrow strip stretches across the Sierra Nevada to parts in Sacramento.

Car Shipping Companies in CaliforniaSan Francisco & Bay Area Car Transport Services

One popular spot for vehicle shipping is the San Francisco Bay area. It has the fifth highest population in the country. It would be a good location for auto shipping support because it’s a good area for drop-offs or pick-ups. Just south of San Francisco is another good location for auto transport services, the Monterey Bay Peninsula. It’s good for vehicle shipping because it’s close to the shore and the climate is nice all year round.

California Central Coast Auto Transport

Shipping companies in California can continue to work their way down The Central Coast. The vehicle shipping service can also go through Central Valley, a major agricultural part of the state.

If auto transport carriers are heading east, they’ll enter into The High Sierra, the mountainous area above the deserts. The highest points in California are found here in this region. Sierra Nevada reaches up to 14,000 plus feet high. It is also home to the popular Yosemite State Park.

To the east are the deserts, which take up a good portion of the southeastern part of California, including The Mojave Desert. Death Valley, which holds the title for having the lowest elevation level and the hottest highest temperatures in North America, is positioned in the Mojave Desert. Though typically scary, the vehicle shipping crew will come across a few good sized cities in the desert including Lancaster and Victorville.

Southern California Car Shipping

Vehicle shipping within southern California is not so bad considering the heavy traffic of Greater Los Angeles. This is mainly because auto transport companies will not be challenged with severe weather. It rarely rains in the southern parts of California, and during the winter, you won’t find any snow until you head toward the mountains.

Several interstates run through California, making maneuvering through the diversely elevated state not so difficult for an auto transport team. Highway 5 goes all the way north and south through California and the entire west coast. It stretches from the top of the state to the southernmost tip of the San Diego border. Those who are shipping their car to California from other parts of the state may find it interesting to know that Route 66 ends in Santa Monica, which is adjacent to Los Angeles. Interstate 101, which combines with Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) at some point, travels along the shore. It even travels all the way up the northwestern coast of Washington State.

If you have questions about California car shipping or are interested in using our auto transport services, feel free to contact us by dialing our toll free number (800-600-3750). Or you can speak to an auto shipping customer service representative about how the entire auto transport system works. You can also use our Online Quote Calculator to fill out a simple form or scroll to the bottom of this page to get a free car transport California quote. We make it easy to book your vehicle shipment online.

Car Shipping from New York State to CA

Lots of car owners want to ship their cars to California when they relocate from the East Coast. The two states customers are interested in shipping from the most are New York and Florida. To ship a car from New York state to California, the vehicle would be shipped a distance of 2,915. Using the rule of thumb that a car carrier will travel around 500 miles per day, it would take about 6 days on the road to ship a car this distance. You can use the calculator on this page to get the cost to ship your car from New York to California — or any other destination for that matter.

Car Shipping from Florida to CA

The distance from Florida to California is 2,697 miles, and using the same rule of 500 miles per day, we can estimate that the car transporter would take just over 5 days to complete the trip. If you’d like to estimate the cost to ship your car from Florida to California, use the calculator on this page to get your quote, and then book your transport today.

Ship Your Car From California

California may be one of the biggest states in the Union, but not everyone is heading there in a hurry. In fact, many California residents are relocating to other states in the west and nationwide. If you count yourself among this group, you need a service you can count on to transport your car safely out of California and into your new home. After all, driving it can put unnecessary miles on your vehicle and cost you extra money and time. Partner with our team to have it shipped quickly, and save yourself hassle during your big move — no matter where you’re headed.

The Industry’s Finest California Auto Transport

You’ve searched “shipping car to California.” You’ve read our guide, and maybe you’ve even gotten a quote. How can you be sure that Direct Auto Express Auto Transport is the right choice for you? The first step is getting a second opinion. You’ve heard from us how great our service is — now it’s time to take a look at what others are saying. Head over to Trustpilot, where you’ll find that we hold an excellent 94% five-star rating after hundreds of independent reviews. You can also find reviews from real customers on our Testimonials page.

Committed to making things better for our customers, we’ve led the industry in pushing boundaries and making car transport better. We were the first car transport company to offer an Online Quote Calculator to help potential customers secure fast, affordable, and 100%-transparent quotes in seconds. We also proudly ship cars nationwide — both to and from California — with both uncovered and covered shipping options available. Offering affordable rates, fast shipping times, and incredible customer service, we are an excellent choice for your car shipping needs. Contact us or visit our Blog to learn more about auto shipping, California seasonal updates, and anything else related to car shipping — and ship your car with us today!

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