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How hard can it be to find the best car moving company near me? One that is running the route that I want to ship? Turns out it is pretty darn difficult.

In most well-populated areas there are likely to be plenty of car transport carriers. Far more of them exist that auto shipping brokers. But here’s the rub. Those erstwhile auto transporters are unlikely to be running your route anytime soon, and your best bet is to find a reputable car shipping broker like Direct Express Auto Transport to actually find one who is.

For instance, let us suppose you live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and you are wanting to find a car transporter shipping to San Antonio, Texas. Seems simple, right? You call every car moving company nearby and they tell you they aren’t planning a run to San Antonio anytime soon. Could be months or not at all. You hear destinations like Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and more. But not San Antonio. For you, it is like finding a needle in a hay stack.


By The Numbers


According to the 2015 U.S. Census, there are nearly 20,000 cities, towns and villages in America. That means there are nearly 400 million combinations, or auto transport routes possible. See the problem?

Let’s make it a little easier. Using the same 2015 U.S. Census statistics, there are 1,480 cities and towns with a population of over 25,000. That means there are 2,190,400 million combinations, or car transport routes possible. Get that? Over two million routes. And those are good size towns too.

Analyzing the cities and towns with over 100,000 population and we find 302 of them. Alright, that seems more manageable. But even with those big places there are 91,204 possible car shipping routes. Green Bay, Wisconsin is one of those cities. So is Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Do you think you can call around Green Bay all the car moving companies near me who are shipping this week to Tuscaloosa? It is not likely to happen.


car moving carrierThe Most Efficient Way To Find A Car Moving Company


Compounding the problem in finding a car moving company nearby to haul your vehicle is that wherever they are today, tomorrow they will be 500 miles away. But there is a system in place to solve the dilemma. Auto transport brokers are connected to tens of thousands of car shipping carriers and best equipped to find one running your particular route. They will post your vehicle and carrier fee on a commonly used board. A carrier who just happens to be in the area and needs freight will see it and call the broker. Often times it is a good match and your vehicle is soon on a carrier to your destination city. Problem solved. The general public does not have access to that association board and could never accomplish the same thing. Nor would the common person be able to evaluate whether the carrier is qualified, licensed and insured to carry your car.

First you google query “auto transport broker”. Then painstakingly sort through them to siphon out the websites that are merely lead providers to ten brokers. Why? Because those lead generating websites sell your personal information for $1 to $3 to brokers whose reputation they could care less. Not only that, once the brokers have your mobile number and/or email address, they light up your phone incessantly. Avoid that hassle. Never provide your phone number in order to get a quote. You will regret it.


The Nitty Gritty Of Car Shipping Broker Selection


Once you find the handful of legitimately licensed car transport brokers, peruse their websites. Look for these priorities:

A. Experience. How long have they been in business? At least five years should be your benchmark, but preferably over ten years.

B. Reviews. The most trustworthy reviews are found on the BBB, Google+ and TrustPilot. There are others but you want to avoid anonymous review sites where competitors beat up their competition. The BBB, Google+ and TrustPilot sites tend to verify reviewers. You can tell they are real. Eliminate any broker with less than 4.0 rating. Prefer 4.5 or better.

C. Licensed. Make sure the auto transport broker is licensed by going to the Department of Transportation FMCSA site to verify current licensing. It should say Broker – Active. If it does not, then run away!

D. Payment Method. If you haven’t paid a deposit, then you haven’t really hired a car moving company broker. Don’t pay the whole fee on your credit card because most brokers who do that try to keep more than their fair share. They will advertise your vehicle cheaply in order to keep more for themselves, which causes unnecessary delay.

The best payment method is a nominal deposit upfront on your credit card to the broker; and then pay the carrier fee balance to the driver in Money Order or Cash upon delivery of your vehicle. Why? Because the carrier knows he will be paid for services rendered upon completion and without delay. Car moving companies gravitate by far to cash COD orders. You would too.


Due Diligence


A good car moving company broker like Direct Express Auto Transport with the right services will save you time, money and hassle when transporting your car across country.

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