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Two cars. 2,130 miles. No issues.

We had to change our pickup date, and fortunately several truckloads were leaving our region that week, so the carrier was able to reschedule our load without a problem. The driver was skilled and professional, and we made sure he had the contact phone numbers for us and for our agent. After watching him load, we gave him half a gratuity and he got another half on delivery. We chose a trusted relative for our agent, and we sent the payment in money orders, overnight, so he had it in hand on delivery. The destination address was in a narrow street, so we agreed to unload in a nearby shopping center parking lot. We chose an open trailer, not enclosed, so as expected the cars needed a good wash on arrival. Be aware that the driver may need to reduce your tire pressures so there is more clearance and less bounce on the road, so check and re-inflate the tires immediately. Our cars arrived without a scratch. Good job! We would choose Direct Auto Express again without hesitation.

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