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Direct Express Auto Transport’s no personal information car shipping cost calculator has been the best since 2004.

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Step 3 - Vehicle Details
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People Love Direct Express Auto Transport

Car transport brokers and carriers explained
When Do You Need Auto Transport Services?
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How To Order A Car Shipment

1. Get Your Car Shipping Quote

Simply enter your origination and destination zip codes. The city, town or area will usually auto-populate. Then choose the year, make and model of the vehicle(s) you are shipping. Select whether it is running or non-running? And then finally, choose whether you wish to go Open or Enclosed transport? That’s it. You should see your car shipping cost in 5 seconds or less! Direct Express does not ask for any personal information before providing you with a car shipping quote. We are one of the only auto transport brokers in the business to do this! Your name, phone number and email address are not required to get a quote.
Get Your Car Shipping Quote

2. Select From Three Auto Transport Quote Rate

At Direct Express Auto Transport, we offer three rate of pricing based upon how much of a hurry you are in? Most customers don’t realize it, but they are actually competing against other customers for space on a car transport trailer. Obviously, a carrier will want to select the best paying orders. We are very good at figuring that out. Our car shipping cost calculator determines the most basic rate (Standard Tier), that works well on popular routes with little competition. But in remote locations at either end, or in stiff competition on popular routes, we recommend selecting the Expedited Tier. If in an even bigger hurry, choose the Rush Tier, a very good idea during extreme seasonal fluctuations.

Select From Three Auto Transport Quote Tiers

3. Order Your Auto Shipment

Once you’ve decided the best car shipping cost tier for you, please proceed online to easily place your vehicle shipment order in just minutes. Or call a Direct Express Auto Transport customer service representative during normal business hours at 800-600-3750. Either the online form or customer service representative will ask you to provide pertinent information such as your pickup and destination contacts, and the first date that your vehicle is available for pickup. Upon checkout, please enter your credit or debit card information so that your order is officially entered. Your credit card will only be charged upon assignment. Isn’t that nice? No deposit is required to place an order.

Order Your Auto Shipment

4. Assignment To A Car Transport Carrier

Upon booking, you will instantly receive an Order Confirmation email. Look for that in your email inbox or drag it over from another folder. Direct Express Auto Transport will notify you via email regarding your carrier assignment, which will contain the name of the driver, his phone number, and the estimated dates for pickup and delivery. The earliest you may see the Carrier Assignment email is a few days prior to your first available date to ship.

But it may also be a number of days after your first date available before a carrier calls to lay claim to your order. It is generally not every day that a carrier is leaving one town for another with a full load. The first available date is simply the starting date. Talk to our customer service team about how to hasten the car shipping process?

Assignment To A Car Transport Carrier

5. Your Shipping Contact Is Notified And Vehicle Picked Up

At the same time that Direct Express notifies you via email of the Carrier Assignment, we also send the carrier your pickup and destination information, including contacts. Please be sure your contacts make themselves available to speak with the carrier. Your pickup contact needs to be vigilant and react quickly. You don’t want to miss the car transport carrier because it might be awhile before another is ready to go.

The carrier driver will not just show up unannounced. He or she will call your pickup contact first to coordinate time and place to meet, and also verify information. Most times it is necessary to meet the carrier close by your neighborhood at a place the driver can safely maneuver his or her big truck. That is still in the spirit of door-to-door service. Keep in mind no money changes hands at pickup. Simply fill out a vehicle condition report authorizing the car shipment and hand over the keys. No other paperwork is necessary. It’s actually very easy.

Your Shipping Contact Is Notified And Vehicle Picked Up

6. The Auto Transporter Delivers Your Vehicle

The auto transporter, or carrier, is once again not supposed to just show up unannounced. The driver ideally should call the day before to alert your destination contact of his pending arrival, and will give a rough estimation of what time of day to expect. They almost always miss the target time, so please be patient and understanding. Other customers may delay him. Traffic conditions might slow him. Mechanical difficulties or inclement weather might throw a monkey-wrench into his plans. He wants to deliver your car as fast and as badly as you do. Time is money and delays frustrate him too.

When the car transport carrier does arrive, you should thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any damage, which rarely happens. That is your opportunity to speak up, make proper notes on the vehicle condition report and even take digital photos. Any issues will be addressed later. Regardless of the condition, industry rules state that you are to pay the carrier the balance owed with Cash or Money Order before receiving your vehicle. There you have it. Direct Express Auto Transport usually makes this six-step process a breeze and you can drive off with your vehicle.

The Auto Transporter Delivers Your Vehicle

Direct Express Auto Transport’s Three Tiered Pricing

The Main Factors That Determine Car Shipping Cost

Car Shipping Quote Distance
Vehicle Length
Vehicle Height
Vehicle Ground Clearance
Vehicle Curb Weight
Vehicle Running Condition
Ship A Car Open or Enclosed
Auto Transport’s Seasonal Fluctuations
Car Shipping Locations

Finding the Right Car Transport Service

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You Just Found The Best Auto Transport Company

We originated the instant car shipping quote calculator nearly twenty years ago. It didn’t exist before Direct Express Auto Transport unleashed it, and changed the industry overnight. 

We were also the first to allow customer cancellations any time prior to the shipping of the vehicle, with absolutely no penalty. The rest of the auto transport industry soon followed our lead. They had to.

We have always been pro customer, and still don’t ask for any personal information prior to giving a car shipping quote. Whether online or on the phone with a Direct Express representative, the customer can easily get a hassle-free quote, which further separates us from the pack. That’s confidence, folks!

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