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Nashville, Tennessee Car Shipping Quotes To & From

Nashville, Tennessee is Music City. The very character of the city is built upon a foundation of harmonies in a way unlike anywhere else in America. Here many of the cherished institutions and most celebrated aspects of culture are musical. Even Queen Victoria of England noted in 1873 after attending a performance by America’s first world touring musical act, the African American a cappella ensemble Fisk Jubilee Singers, that they must be from “Music City.” Direct Express Auto Transport loves shipping to and from Nashville, Tennessee because it is ju    st a hip, cool town and so centrally located.

The first Europeans to enter the area that would become Nashville were French fur traders who in 1710 established a trading post at a natural sulphur and saline spring understood to attract animals and in turn Native American hunting tribes with whom they could trade. Years later in 1779, a group of “Overmountain Men”, as Patriots from west of the Appalachians were called, established a town near Fort Nashborough on the Cumberland River. The chosen namesake pays homage to Francis Nash, a Revolutionary War hero and one of ten Patriot generals to die during the war.


Nashville_skyline and car transport

As an incorporated city by 1806 and the permanent capital of Tennessee by 1843, Nashville was a prosperous city with important access to both river routes and rail lines. As such it was heavily sought by Union forces and was the first state capital to fall to Union command, under whose control it would remain for the War’s duration. In December of 1864, it was the location of one the Union Army’s last decisive, large-scale victories at the Battle of Nashville. However, Nashville had less trouble than other Southern cities and for various reasons was better suited than others to resume the prosperity it had enjoyed before the Civil War. Not only was it able to reclaim its position as a key shipping and trading center, it also added a manufacturing base. Many of the historic classical-style buildings still standing come from this post-war era. Today Direct Express Auto Transport utilizes major highways to ship cars to Nashville.

Nashville Is Country … And Rock … And Country Rock!

Johnny Cash and Elvis car shipping Nashville’s entertainment, culinary and commercial centers seem to emanate from the Broadway and 2nd Avenue Areas. A stone’s throw from the Music City Walk of Fame is Ryman Auditorium, a place that has been nicknamed the “Carnegie Hall of the South,” and the “Mother Church of Country Music.” From 1943 to 1974, this was home to the Grand Ole Opry, the longest running radio broadcast in the nation (1925 to present). The Allman Brothers (Duane and Gregg) were from Nashville. Myley Cyrus too. And anybody who was anybody in country music recorded there. The music history is incredibly rich and permeates the city streets to this day. Easy to imagine Johnny Cash walking the line and humming Ring of Fire. Shania Twain and car transportWe never shipped Shania Twain’s car to Nashville, but man we sure wish we did. Just west of Music Row, Nashville boasts a full-scale replica of the original Athenian Parthenon built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Nearby is the campus of Vanderbilt University.


 Climate around the Cumberland River in the Nashville Basin is quite warm in the summer but considerably less humid than much of the rest of the Southeast. Winters are cold, though snow is rare. Spring and Fall are long seasons that offer a great abundance of diverse plant life, much to the disdain of those suffering from allergies. Tornados do pose a risk and have struck in the recent past. Because Nashville is rarely affected by inclement weather, it is ideal almost year round for Direct Express Auto Transport services. As a car shipping broker, we benefit from Nashville’s proximity to the southern states.


Nashville Sports On The Rise And So Is Direct Express Auto Transport

Tennessee Titans so close and auto shippingNashville is proud of the Predators and later the Oilers turned Titans, who rode the Miracle in Music City win over Buffalo in 2000 to a heartbreaking, last second loss to St. Louis in the Super Bowl. Still, Nashvillians love their teams and the city they represent. The good vibes, great music and amazing food have long attracted those out for a fun time. Recently, Nashville has picked up another nickname, “Nash Vegas,” for its recent popularity as a top destination for reunions, weekends with friends and bridal parties. It’s clear that no one has pulled the plug on Music City, as Nashville continues its run as a vibrant culture center.



Shipping Your Car To Nashville

Ladies and gentlemen we are here to inform you that Nashville is encircled. Don’t look now, but Nashville sits in the center of Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, St. Louis, Louisville and Knoxville. Oh my! Do you have any idea how easy that makes car shipping? Check it out. Interstate 65 arrives from the north and keeps going south. Then Interstate 24 does something similar from the northwest to the southeast. Interstate 40 splits Nashville in half from east to west. Then Interstate 840 serves as half an outer belt on the southern side, almost as if cradling Music City. It’s so easy to find your way to Nashville. Did you know that Direct Express Auto Transport created the instant car shipping quote calculator? True story. Not only that, we originated the first no personal information auto transport quote engine. Please try it here on this page or call 800-600-3750 to speak with a customer service representative today.


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