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Since 2004, Direct Express Auto Transport has built a reputation for quality, reliability and speed. That is exactly what people are looking for in a car transport service. Use our No Personal Information cost calculator to get your car moving!

You Just Found The Best Auto Transport Company

We originated the instant car shipping quote calculator nearly twenty years ago. It didn’t exist before Direct Express Auto Transport unleashed it, and changed the industry overnight.

We were also the first to allow customer cancellations any time prior to the shipping of the vehicle, with absolutely no penalty. The rest of the auto transport industry soon followed our lead. They had to.

We have always been pro customer, and still don’t ask for any personal information prior to giving a car shipping quote. Whether online or on the phone with a Direct Express representative, the customer can easily get a hassle-free quote, which further separates us from the pack. That’s confidence, folks! 

See Why People Love Direct Express Auto Transport

5-star car shipping reviews

Open Air Car Shipping

The most common form of transport service. The overwhelming majority of all car shipments, about 97%, are on what is called open-air carriers. Despite being exposed to the elements, it is very safe, which is why it is so popular. Find out more about Open Air Vehicle Transport from Direct Express Auto Transport.

Enclosed Car Shipping

Need to baby your vehicle? Ship enclosed. Some people need to protect their vehicle from the elements and ship Enclosed. If the vehicle has extremely low ground clearance, they must do that. For many, it is worth the extra 50%. Learn more about Enclosed Vehicle Transport from Direct Express Auto Transport.

Door-to-door Car Shipping

The smartest, most economic way to ship your vehicle. The fastest way to ship your vehicle and also very economical, is Door-to-Door Service. We wouldn’t want our customers to go any other way. Maintain control and get it done fast. Learn more about Door to Door Car Transport Services from Direct Express Auto Transport.

Snowbird Car Shipping

We can transport your vehicle to warmer weather, hassle free. Every Winter after Christmas and into January, retirees from the cold northern states flock to the warmer southern states of Florida, Texas and the southwest. Warmer weather, here you come.

Classic Car Transport

Let the good times roll & let us worry about transporting your classic car. Anyone with a Classic or Collector Car wants to baby it. Many of those vehicles are worth considerable sums, or would be extremely hard to replace. We’re here to help. Learn more about Classic Car Transport from Direct Express Auto Transport.

College Student Car Shipping

A car might be the single most helpful thing to have in college. Many parents of college students don’t want their kids driving across country The safer option is to ship a car direct across country, and fly the student to campus or home. That’s smart! Learn more about College Student Car Transport Services from Direct Express Auto Transport.
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