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Ohio Car TransportCar Transport Rates In Ohio

Ohio Car Transport Highway System Is Excellent

Ohio has one of the largest and best highway systems in the country, making it easy for auto shippers and our car transport rates calculator in particular. Just look how nicely the transportation system is designed. Interstate I-90 slices across the entire northern border of Ohio, along Lake Erie and just south of Michigan. Parts of I-90 in Ohio is shared with I-80, which will carry on to California to the west, and Pennsylvania to the east. I-90 runs coast to coast, from Massachusetts to the state of Washington. I-75 runs north-south from Michigan down the western side of Ohio thru Toledo, Findlay, Lima, Dayton and finally Cincinnati before crossing into Kentucky. It is a major interstate route traversing from Michigan to Florida. I-71 cuts diagonally southwest from Cleveland thru Mansfield, Columbus and as well Cincinnati before crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky.

Like I-71, I-77 also starts in Cleveland, which is Ohio’s largest metropolitan area, and heads dead south thru Akron, Canton, intersecting I-70 at Cambridge, and continuing on to Marietta before crossing the Ohio River into Parkersburg, West Virginia. Interstate I-70 cuts Ohio almost exactly in half east to west from Wheeling, West Virginia thru Zanesville, Columbus, Springfield, brushing by Dayton before entering Indiana near Richmond. I-70 starts in Washington, D.C. and makes quite a journey across the heartland of America before ending suddenly and without fanfare in Utah where it meets I-15.

If you think about it, which we do, three very important east-west interstates make their way thru Ohio, and they are I-90, I-80 and I-70. That means our car transport rates calculator enjoys an advantage when shipping customer vehicles to Ohio. As well, the major metropolitan areas make it all the more easier with a series of interstate beltways: I-480 and I-271 in Cleveland, I-76 and I-277 in Akron, I-680 in Youngstown, I-475 in Toledo, I-270 in Columbus, I-675 in Dayton, and finally I-275 in Cincinnati, the Queen City of the West. Because Ohio is laid out so wonderfully with an intricate car transportation system, there are few excuses when it comes to shipping a car to the major cities there.

Ohio Car Transport

Ohio Car Shipping Rates and Seasonal Fluctuations – What You Should Know


Ohio is considered a northern state and gets the full effect of the change of seasons. The winter snow begins to thaw in March and by April the roads are clear and easily passable. Summers are usually hot and humid, as in sticky hot, where a person feels like showering a few times per day. Perfect however for auto shippers. Summer is high season for the auto transport industry and Ohio is a big part of that. More vehicles are shipped in Ohio in June, July and August than any other part of the year. Autumn is beautiful in Ohio as the trees turn a fireball red and bright yellow. The fair weather usually hangs on until late November or early December, meaning there is no reason not to have a successful auto transport shipment. But the winter weather usually turns foul in December and almost certainly in January and February, when heavy snows and freezing conditions make shipping a car either from or to Ohio very difficult. So patience and understanding is advised during Ohio’s winter season. Our car transport rates calculator adjusts for that.

5 Car Transport Tips For Ohio

1. The best places in Ohio to ship your car are greater Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton.

2. The second best places that are still very good are Akron, Canton, Youngstown and Toledo.

3. Southeastern Ohio becomes difficult. It’s hit or miss there because it is more rural.

4. Northwestern Ohio below Toledo and hugging the Indiana border tends to be a tad slower as well. But not always.

5. Most vehicles regardless of where in Ohio usually ship in a timely manner, but if at all possible, you get can get faster action meeting a driver somewhere in the larger metropolitan areas.

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Ohio Auto Transport

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