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A Bit About Transporting Pickup Trucks

How to Ship a Pickup Truck

If you’re looking to transport a pickup truck, you’re definitely reading the right blog then. Pickup trucks can be pretty easy or pretty difficult to transport, depending on what type of pickup truck you’re transporting. Pickup trucks come in all different shapes and sizes, and with pickup trucks the specific models and submodels are going to be a lot more important than it is for most other vehicles when it comes to calculating a specific auto transport quote for you. Some pickup trucks are small, like the Ford Ranger; others are big, like the Chevrolet Silverado 3500, and there’s a major difference between shipping a 3500 and a small Ranger. The biggest one is the size – the 3500 is a lot bigger and a lot heavier than the Ranger, and while the Ranger may get away with paying only a small oversize shipping fee – if one is owed for that vehicle at all – while the 3500 can see overweight fees in excess of $300, depending on whether or not it’s been modified.

As you can see, that’s a big discrepancy – and there are a lot of other pickup trucks in between that will cost different amounts. This is why we recommend talking to a representative about exactly what type of pickup truck you are looking to transport and what types of auto transport trucks are available to you. Most pickup trucks will be able to fit on a standard open or enclosed auto transport carrier just fine; however, some trucks won’t be able to fit on one at all, and will require flatbed shipping services in order to haul them from one location to another – which is a lot more expensive than standard transport. But for some pickup trucks it is the only option, so keep that in mind.

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