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2013 Detroit Auto Show Highlights


2013 Detroit Auto Show

The 2013 Detroit Auto show was a good indication that the auto industry is back to business as usual. No one really stuck out as doing anything extraordinary, but the overall feeling was that the auto companies are much different than they have been in recent years with the economic collapse that threatened their very existence for the last five years.

To back this up, the 2013 U.S. forecast for total vehicle sales is closing in on the 15.3 million unit mark. This is the industry’s highest since reaching an all time high in 2008. It is also an increase of almost 50 percent from the lowest mark of 2009. Another positive fact that came out at the show is that the auto sector is America’s retail sales leader, topping other industries by two percent on growth of almost eight percent last year (2012).

Once of the vehicle introduction highlights had to be the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. The event to introduce this vehicle was an invite-only event at an offsite facility.

Fuel economy through hybrids and electric vehicles was also seen a great deal this year. The 2013 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid as well as the Acura NSC concept. Electrification seems to be reaching its maturity and I’m sure we will see much more of this at the next show.

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