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Saturn Aura

The Aura is an important model for both Saturn and General Motors. It is a mid-size car manufactured under the Saturn brand of American automaker Gene...«MORE»

Saturn Ion

Well, this is not chemistry or physics class, but you could easily be confused. In fact, it is true that Saturn named a vehicle, ION. The Saturn ION w...«MORE»

Saturn L Series

The Saturn L-Series was a line of automobiles sold by General Motors' Saturn marquee. However, to cut to the chase, poor sales of the L-Series ca...«MORE»

Saturn LS Series

There seems to be some confusion about the LS and L-Series Saturn cars. The L-Series cars were at first known as the LS for sedan and the LW for the w...«MORE»

Saturn LW Series

In 2000, the L-Series consisted of 5 models in total. The L100, the L200, the L300, the LW200 and the LW300 were all on the market. By 2002, the L100 ...«MORE»

Saturn Outlook

The Outlook can amazingly seat eight in a three-row setting. In fact, in looking at the model from the outside, this would seem unimaginable. Anyhow, ...«MORE»

Saturn Relay

People want to know about price; so right up front, the Relay started at $22,850. The Saturn Relay was a minivan from the Saturn brand of American aut...«MORE»

Saturn SC Series

The S-Series is a family of compact cars from the Saturn automobile company. The S-series first debuted in 1990 with the SC, which stands for sports c...«MORE»

Saturn Sky

The Saturn Sky is a roadster from the Saturn marquee of American automaker General Motors. It was launched in the first quarter of 2006 as a 2007 mode...«MORE»

Saturn SL Series

The SL series was the first series of Saturn vehicles. The S-Series is a family of compact cars that are built upon the Z-body platform. This platfor...«MORE»

Saturn SW Series

The first generation SL and SW were manufactured from model year 1991 to 1995. This was the first series of Saturn vehicles. The Z-body platform was d...«MORE»

Saturn Vue suv

The VUE was launched for the 2002 model year and was designed entirely by Saturn. It is assembled at the Spring Hill Saturn plant on a unibody platfor...«MORE»