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Nash Ambassador

The Ambassador was the model name given to the senior line of Nash models from 1932 until 1957. As of 1958 until the end of the 1974 model year, the A...«MORE»

Nash Ambassador Suburban

The Nash Motors Company first used the name Ambassador during the 1927 model year when a specially trimmed four-door, five-passenger sedan version of ...«MORE»

Nash Fraser

In 1922, Archibald Frazer-Nash founded Frazer Nash, a British automobile manufacturer and engineering company. The company was originally established...«MORE»

Nash Healey Coupe

The origins of this arrangement are quite peculiar. Donald Healey and Nash-Kelvinator CEO George W. Mason met on the Queen Elizabeth, which was an oce...«MORE»

Nash Metropolitan

While most U.S. automobile makers were preaching and applying a bigger-is-better philosophy, Nash Motor Company executives were examining the market. ...«MORE»

Nash Rambler

The Nash Rambler was launched during the 1950 model year. The new vehicle was the company's entry in the low-end of the price scale segment. Thi...«MORE»