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Land Rover

Land Rover Defender

Series models and Defenders are easily confused due to their similar styling, as many body parts are interchangeable between brand-new models and vehi...«MORE»

Land Rover Discovery

The Discovery was launched in the United Kingdom in 1989. Internally, it was known as 'Project Jay'", and came close to being called th...«MORE»

Land Rover Discovery Series II

The Series II Discovery debuted in 1998 to the glee of drivers. The interior and exterior was re-worked to be less utilitarian, but it was still very ...«MORE»

Land Rover Freelander

The Freelander was wholly designed by the Rover Group. This was of course after early talks of a co-operation with BMW resulted in disinterest from t...«MORE»

Land Rover LR3

The Land Rover LR3 made its debut on the United States auto market for the 2005 model year, replacing the older Discovery model. The LR3 is a smart lo...«MORE»

Land Rover Range Rover

From its inception, the Range Rover has been one of the most luxurious sport utility vehicles, although it has always been built for off-road capabili...«MORE»