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Isuzu Amigo

Most likely consumers have never heard of the Isuzu Amigo. That is completely understandable. The Isuzu MU Wizard was a mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle...«MORE»

Isuzu Ascender

The Isuzu Ascender was a mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle from General Motors. It was introduced for 2003; meanwhile, this 7-passenger vehicle was also ...«MORE»

Isuzu Axiom

Understanding the styling techniques of Isuzu is like trying to understand women's obsession with shoes and handbags. For example, the Isuzu Axi...«MORE»

Isuzu Hombre 2dr SB

The Isuzu Hombre was Isuzu's pickup truck introduced in 1996 as a rebadged Chevrolet S-10 and GMC Sonoma. It replaced the Indiana built Isuzu Pic...«MORE»

Isuzu I 290

Not long ago, Isuzu and General Motors embarked upon a joint expansion venture to produce compact pickup trucks. Isuzu planned to build a truck called...«MORE»

Isuzu I 370

Not too far into the past, Isuzu and General Motors entered into a joint expansion project to produce compact pickup trucks. Isuzu intended to build a...«MORE»

Isuzu I-Mark

In the United States, the Gemini was available from Chevrolet, and later from Geo, as the Spectrum, or from Isuzu themselves, as the Isuzu I-Mark. Gen...«MORE»

Isuzu Impulse

The only logical thing that can be assumed is that Isuzu must have thought that naming a car the "Impulse' would encourage consumers to buy ...«MORE»

Isuzu Oasis

The Isuzu Oasis is a multi-purpose vehicle manufactured as a product of an agreement between Isuzu and Honda from 1996 to 1999. Under this agreement,...«MORE»

Isuzu Rodeo

A version of the Isuzu MU Wizard called the Isuzu Rodeo was manufactured at Subaru-Isuzu Automotive, Inc., now known as Subaru of Indiana Automotive, ...«MORE»

Isuzu Stylus

The Isuzu I-Mark began though as the Gemini, a compact car built by Isuzu and sold from 1974 through 2000. It was never marketed under that name in th...«MORE»

Isuzu Trooper

The Isuzu Trooper is a sharp looking automobile has proven itself to be quite popular in the used car segment. They hold up well, and due to their tou...«MORE»

Isuzu Trooper II

The Isuzu Trooper II is a fun automobile to drive and nice to look at. Additionally, they hold up well, and due to their tough exterior, seem to be ti...«MORE»

Isuzu VehiCROSS

The Isuzu VehiCROSS was highly regarded for its cross-terrain performance. It is the first and only vehicle to date that combines a computer-controlle...«MORE»