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Car Shipping for Edsel Citation Perhaps the worst name for an automobile would be the 'Citation' as it would elicit the feelings one has as they are being pulled over by the highway patrol for speeding. Nevertheless, this is exactly what was released ' the Edsel Citation. The Edsel Citation was an automobile produced by the former Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln Division of the Ford Motor Company of Dearborn, Michigan. It was sold under the Edsel marquee in 1958. The Citation was built off the longer Edsel platform, which was also shared with the Mercury brand automobiles, and the Edsel Citation shared its body with the Edsel Corsair. The Citation represented the highest trim level available within the Edsel brand, which really was not saying much. In addition to deluxe interior appointments, the Citation also received extra stainless steel details among other exterior styling upgrades.

Riding on a 124 in wheelbase, the Citation was powered by a 410 in3

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