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Eagle Eagle

Two of Eagle's very first models, the Eagle Premier and the Eagle Medallion, were created by the American Motors Corporation in a joint effort wi...«MORE»

Eagle Medallion

The Eagle Medallion was a rebadged and re-engineered version of the European Renault 21 for the North American market. While the cars were built on th...«MORE»

Eagle Premier

The Eagle Premier was developed by the American Motors Corporation (AMC) and Renault partnership and later the model was inherited by the Chrysler Cor...«MORE»

Eagle Summit

The Eagle Summit joined the Dodge Colt and Plymouth Colt in the Mitsubishi Mirage clone club starting in 1989. This perfectly corresponded to the rel...«MORE»

Eagle Talon

The Eagle Talon was one of three model names given to a passenger car that was manufactured and sold by Chrysler Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors of ...«MORE»

Eagle Vision

The Eagle Vision was a large four-door, full-size, front-wheel drive sedan. It was produced by Chrysler from 1993 to 1997 as the substitute for the AM...«MORE»